6 Best Swimming Nappies for Summer

Summer is coming, and that means salty, sandy days swimming in the sun. But it doesnt have to mean soggy bums for tiny tots! Obviously we all want to avoid a "code brown" at the pool or on the beach, so we've got all you need to know to get your bub beach ready this summer, with our tried and true recommendations for the best (and cutest!) reusable swimming nappies on the market.
Best reusable swim nappies for babies and toddlers | Summer 2020

Summer is coming, and that means salty, sandy days swimming in the sun. OH YES!

But you know what it doesn’t have to mean? Soggy bums for tiny tots!

Obviously we all want to avoid a “code brown” at the pool or on the beach, noooobody wants to be that person, so we’ve got all you need to know to get your bub beach ready this summer, with our tried and true recommendations for the best (and cutest!) reusable swimming nappies.

We know not everyone is going to be on board with reusable swimming nappies, much like the cloth versus disposable debate for traditional nappies, each to their own, whatever works for your family.. but if you are keen to give reusable swim nappies a try, we’ve got our 6 faves for you to consider.

Best reusable swim nappies for your little one this summer!

best swim nappiesBambio Mio Swim Nappy

Home of SUPER CUTE PRINTS, Bambio Mio swim nappies will keep your baby trendy while they tread the water!

Their award-winning (yes they give awards for these things…true story!!) reusable swim nappies are perfect for use in the pool and on holiday too! They’re water resistant (obviously!), super soft, lightweight and stretchy as all get out!

swim nappy
  • Easy to use and is the ultimate solution for your baby in the water as no additional nappy needs to be worn with this product.
  • Concealed water resistant layer and leak-proof legs offer containment while in the water.
  • Super soft cotton terry lining is beautifully soft against your baby’s skin.
  • Drawstring waistband means it’s easy to put on and is comfortable and secure.
  • Made from a lightweight fabric which won’t weigh your baby down in the water.
  • Mix & match – coordinate your style, designed to be worn with Bambino Mio rashie.
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried.

Available in 4 sizes: S (<6 months), M (6-12 months), L ( 1-2 years), XL (2 years+). 


econaps swim nappies

Healthy for the environment and for your little one? Tick! Tick! Salty, summer beach days are better with these eco friendly alternative to traditional swim nappies.

EcoNaps are a reusable swim nappy designed to catch solids only, while letting go any liquids to keep baby comfortable. That means no more soggy, heavy nappy dragging behind bubs in the sand! ICK!

swim nappy reusable

Each size has multiple snap options so you can get the perfect fit for bub, and comes in small (6-8kg), medium (8-10kg) and large (10-13kg).

Designed in Byron Bay, by a small eco-friendly business, available in three stunning prints (with names like Xanadu, Wanderlust and Vintage Blossom how can you go wrong?) you just know coming from Byron that these are sun and sand approved!

econaps reusable swim nappy

EcoNaps also sell mini wet bags to transport your wet nappies; leak resistant and smell proof, you can chuck them in the wash with the nappies after use!


swim nappy zoggs


Keep it local with homegrown Aussie brand, ZOGGS, and help stop those little accidents with their environmentally friendly, reusable Swim Nappy. With adjustable sides for when your little one grows.

  • Available in 2 new prints Pink Ice Cream and Blue Octo Pirate
  • Soft mesh lining
  • Adjustable velcro & plastic press studs for a customised fit
  • Ultra soft & quick drying
  • Can be worn over a disposable nappy
  • Suitable for children aged 3-24 months.


swim nappy speedo

Speedo has been a household name for decades when it comes to fun in the sun, and they have swimmers for the whole family!

The Toddler Speedo Neoprene Aquanappy is perfect for having fun in the pool or at the beach whilst staying protected from the sun, and any little accidents that might happen.

The good people at Speedo say they are designed to wear over disposable nappies, but anecdotally… there’s plenty of evidence online to suggest they can be worn just as effectively without!


swim nappy aqua blu

Inspired by the strength and confidence of their main collection, the Aqua Blu Kids range places an emphasis on creating unique and high-quality swimwear for active girls and boys, and the prints are just as cute as can be.

With collections made using LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ swim fabric (which we’re told is code for SUPER STRETCHY), the Australian brand presents long-lasting, high-tech one-pieces, separates and rash vests designed to keep kiddos safe in the sun without sacrificing style or comfort.

  • Slim fit
  • LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ swim fabric; generous stretch
  • Elasticised waistband
  • Inner lining for nappy


swim nappy pea pods

Pea Pods Swimming Nappies are contoured for ease of movement in the water, with soft elastic at legs and tummy provide leak free containment.

With a waterproof, breathable outer layer and built in absorbency, they are also perfect for small accidents and toilet training, yep you read that right, these are multipurpose and can be used for toilet training too… and we do so love a multi-use buy!


swim nappy disposable

Disposable Swim Nappies

Not keen? You can always buy single-use disposable swim nappies if cleaning out and washing reusable swim nappies just isn’t for you. They’re kind of like pull-ups and designed to be thrown out after they’ve been worn, but some mums swear by washing, drying and reusing them a couple of times if they’ve not copped a number 2 on the beach!

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