High-quality winter staples to elevate your children’s wardrobe

Melbourne-born children's wear label, Cinnamon Baby, emerged from a humble passion project to become an online sensation. With parents eagerly waiting for each release, their range of high-quality, contemporary pieces flies off virtual shelves, setting a new cult standard in children's fashion. 

From playtime to bedtime, Cinnamon Baby brings a breath of fresh air to the children’s wear market with threads of soft colours and subtle patterns. Catering to parents seeking timeless elegance, their tailored range of high-quality pieces blends classic simplicity with playful charm, ensuring little ones are stylish from morning to night.

Cinnamon Baby wasn’t just born out of a desire to create standout styles; it was driven by the vision of crafting gender-neutral designs that could endure wear after wear without losing their shape. During her pregnancy, Founder Racquel Ferraro faced the challenge of finding sophisticated, high-quality baby clothes without breaking the bank. This struggle became the spark for her business journey, as Ferraro recalls, “My partner noticed how much I was spending on baby clothes and said, ‘Why don’t you start your own brand?'”

Suitable for children between the ages of 0-9, the high-quality pieces are guaranteed to offer growing families durable and versatile pieces. Whether it’s a day for lounging at home in a romper or enjoying an outing with friends and family, there are stylish options for any occasion. The Logo Set is a best seller that comes in 3 colourways: Baby Pink, Cream and Chocolate. The T-shirt Romper is a house staple that encompasses a variety of styles that are both fun and trendy. 

Cinnamon Baby’s latest Autumn/Winter collection, Essentials, is a thoughtful curation of its most loved pieces that have cemented the brand’s popularity since inception. The must-have collection includes 33 styles and colourways, consisting of contemporary trends and timeless staples that fit perfectly in every mini’s wardrobe. 

The highly anticipated launch of Essentials by Cinnamon Baby had customers eagerly awaiting sell-out pieces. The Fleece Lounge Suit was a standout favourite, available from 0-3 Months to 5 Years. Founder Racquel Ferraro shared, “We poured our heart and soul into these pieces, designing many before we could even afford a designer.”

Cinnamon Baby is all about versatility! Their designs are made for easy mix-and-match fun, ensuring that every piece is a perfect fit for any occasion. Plus, their gender-neutral styles mean they’re not just for now but for generations to come. It’s all about spreading that love and style throughout the family tree!

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