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KIDDO Mag is Adelaide’s free print publication and online platform. Loud and proud.

The idea for KIDDO Mag was born shortly after Charlotte’s second baby. Having one of those naps everyone tells you to have—you know, sleep when the baby sleeps—the stars and planets aligned and both her newborn and three-year-old were asleep at the same time.
Charlotte was thinking about what was available in the market for parents like herself. Parents with children, juggling work and life, and wanting a one stop shop for everything that feeds, educates, inspires, and entertains them and their children. More than simply a ‘what’s on’ guide to Adelaide. She wanted to hear the stories and see the faces of the creatives behind the brands.
With nearly fifteen years of media and event experience under her belt, and a growing realisation that she was no longer in the demographic of some of her peers (who were sleeping during the day for other reasons!) the seed of an idea born from the very special kind of sleeplessness that parenthood brings has grown into KIDDO Mag.
The KIDDO Mag team is made up of some of Adelaide’s most creative talent, delivering a range of content across education, play, health, cookinglocal brands and things to do that will inspire your day. KIDDO Mag is also committed to celebrating all things South Australian and the people that make this state great.
From our families to yours, we truly hope that you love KIDDO Mag as much as we do!
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