How to build a period kit for your daughter

If you have a daughter who’s around 10 years old, it’s probably time to consider prepping for their first period with a DIY period kit.

While it might sound surprising, most kids begin menstruating between 10 and 15 years old, with the average age being 12 ½. Keep in mind that every child is unique, and the onset may happen earlier or later than the average.

Being ready is key! The first period can happen unexpectedly, possibly even while they’re at school. That’s why having their personalised period pack, is an essential! Here are some ideas of what to stock it with.

Girls Bloody Comfy period bikini, RRP $19.99

Organic Cotton Tampons, RRP $5.75

Taboo Organic Pads, RRP $6.90

Menstrual Cup, RRP $35.00

Hot & Cold Pack – Watermelon Sugar, RRP $32.95

Period pain heat patches, RRP $14.95

Moxie Freckle Milk Chocolate, RRP $7.95

Welcome To Your Period, RRP $22.99

Available at all good bookstores

FLO herbal tea, RRP $8.95

Period Faace, RRP $50.00

Pad it Forward, One time purchase $7.00 or subscription $7.00 per month
A box of pads for someone else at risk in Australia

Or let modibodi do the hard work for you…

The teen first period kit, RRP $65.00

What’s included: 

  • Includes two pairs of Modibodi period Black Hipster Bikinis in Moderate-Heavy absorbency, ready to pull on and go.   
  • An exclusive illustrated comic strip, period facts and sticker kit, featuring illustrations by Justyna Green. 
  • A handheld mirror designed to help teens get to know their changing body 
  • A Waterproof Bag to pack a pair in their school bag, for easy changing.

Hero image: Modibodi


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