Aster & Oak celebrates a decade of whimsical, organic comfort

In the vibrant world of children's fashion, Aster & Oak stands out as a leader of sustainability and style.

Aster & Oak is an Australian label, known for its certified organic clothing and bedding, and has delighted families for a decade with its artistic and allergy-friendly creations. As they celebrate their 10th anniversary, Aster & Oak reflects on their journey from a mum’s heartfelt vision to a leading name in ethical fashion.

A mother’s quest for safe, organic clothing

Aster & Oak’s story began in 2014, born from one mother’s determination to find the best for her children. Melissa, a mum of two, faced the challenge of finding baby clothes that were gentle on her son’s eczema-prone skin. Frustrated by the lack of suitable options, Melissa took matters into her own hands. She started sketching designs on her lounge room floor, driven by a desire to create clothing that was not only safe and comfortable but also beautifully unique.

From lounge room sketches to global recognition

What started as a personal project soon blossomed into a beloved brand. Melissa’s husband joined the venture, and together, they built Aster & Oak into a family-owned business that values sustainability and ethical practices. The brand collaborates with a small team of local artists, each collection hand-illustrated to bring a touch of magic to every piece.

Today, Aster & Oak’s enchanting collections include newborn gift sets, baby, toddler, and kids’ clothing, as well as bedding and soft knit blankets, catering to children from newborn up to five years old. Their commitment to using GOTS certified organic materials ensures that each item is as gentle on the environment as it is on little ones’ skin.

A celebration and a generous sale

As Aster & Oak celebrates its 10th year, they are not only looking back at their achievements but also giving back to their loyal customers. From June 6th, their End of Financial Year (EOFY) sale offers up to 70% off past season collections. It’s a wonderful opportunity for parents and caregivers to stock up on high-quality, ethically made clothing and bedding at fantastic prices.

A bright future for ethical fashion

Aster & Oak’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. From addressing her children’s needs to creating a brand that resonates with families worldwide, Melissa has shown that ethical fashion can be both beautiful and practical. As they move into their second decade, Aster & Oak remains committed to their core values of sustainability, comfort, and whimsical design.

For parents seeking the best for their children, Aster & Oak offers a delightful blend of organic comfort and enchanting style, making every little one’s wardrobe a touch more magical. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate with them and enjoy the incredible savings during their EOFY sale starting June 6th.

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