REVIEW: Best of Kids Fringe

KID FRIENDLY ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW: Resident KIDDO reviewer, Carla Caruso, went to see Best of Kids Fringe and she's given us the run down on what the show was like and what you and your kiddos can expect!


Are you the type to go the banquet menu at a restaurant because you don’t want to get food envy?

Then Best of Kids Fringe at Gluttony should satiate you – and your kids – just as well!

Basically, it provides a taste test of a few acts with the line-up changing week-to-week, so you never know what you’re going to get.

best of kids fringe review

Best of Kids Fringe

The day we went the show kicked off with Irish comic magician Patrick “Paddy” McCullagh, who knows how to pull off a kilt and has a lilt like Jimeoin. As the warm-up act, he did a bunch of magic tricks – involving rope, thread, and cards – in between the ‘main courses’.

He also provided a reminder of how the pandemic had changed things, mentioning that he wasn’t allowed to have any junior helpers up onstage. (Audience members also had to sit one seat apart.)

Best of Kids Fringe Review

Next it was onto circus performer Hannah Cryle, who’s also involved in The Best of Ladies’ Night at Gluttony. She was like a human Rainbow Brite doll with her glitter eyeshadow, fur-topped sneakers, and perpetual smile.

She sprinkled in some humour for the adult attendees while performing with contortion rings – “I finished my maternity leave in time for the pandemic, so now more than ever my head is the smallest bit”. Plus, when hula-hooping to Guns ‘N’ Roses’ Paradise City, motivating herself with: “Don’t be nervous, everybody likes you, and they know it’s been a while.”

best of kids fringe review

Following was Dr Bubble, who created dry ice fog bubbles, glowing orbs, and more onstage. The air-con in The Octagon tent had to be turned off during his performance and it did get a little balmy. However, Dr Bubble pushed on, woollen beanie, metallic suit, and all.

Rounding things out were sibling act Calin and Arwen Diamond, of the Diamond Duo. The pair seemed to get along better than my two kids that day, juggling shiny clubs together and getting up-close and personal on the trapeze. (I’ve almost been tempted to do a Carrie and sign up for a trapeze ‘flying’ class, like in Sex and the City.)

Calin provided a laugh for the youngsters when attempting to get out of a straitjacket while on a unicycle. “This looked a lot easier on YouTube,” he quipped.

The show certainly had something to tantalise every tastebud!

Best of Kids Fringe

Venue: The Octagon at Gluttony – Rymill Park, Adelaide SA

Dates:Sat 26 Feb – Sun 27 Feb: 12:30pmSat 5 Mar – Sun 6 Mar: 12:30pmSat 12 Mar – Mon 14 Mar: 12:30pmSat 19 Mar – Sun 20 Mar: 12:30pm

For tickets:

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