Glenelg Winter Arts Festival Review: Jon & Jero’s Stuff!

FAMILY-FRIENDLY GLENELG WINTER ARTS FESTIVAL REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Claire, took her kiddos to Jon & Jero's Stuff! - a rollicking, choose-your-own-adventure show with big laughs for kids and adults alike at Glenelg Winter Arts Festival.

WORDS: Claire Curry

Jon & Jero’s Stuff! is playing in The Kingfisher at the Glenelg Winter Arts Festival and it’s great for all ages. We attended with kids ranging in age from 4-8, boys and girls, and all were delighted by the energetic 1-hour performance.   

After running off some energy at the epic Wigley Reserve playground nearby, we had time to grab the obligatory hot chips and a cheeky Warm Apple cider for the Mums and made our way into the heated marquee.  

From the get-go it’s clear that our actors are well versed in both clowning and improv techniques. Jon and Jero quickly build up the spirit of crowd participation, slapstick with well-executed costume changes and soundscapes to delight the crowd. 

In essence, we join two bumbling brothers on a mission to ‘find their stuff’ that has been stolen. Along the way, the audience is invited to choose between two directions and each choice leads us to a hilarious new scene of chaos and laughs. Flying in an air balloon, diving below the depths of the sea, peering through dark caves, and even slogging through a ‘booger bog’ the adventures were far-reaching and always entertaining.

Both actors are incredibly versatile physical comedians who riff off each other well. They clearly ‘get’ kids and extract some fantastically funny responses from our eager audience. The humour sits perfectly in that space that amuses kids and gives big people enough chuckles as well. 

If you’re looking for the highbrow take, you’ll get it via the ingenious alliteration and well-timed rhyming that features throughout. But our smaller attendees were rolling in the aisle when the boys ‘lost their bums’, and became confused between the deliciousness of a Desert/Dessert situation – mmmmm – rice pudding!

Kids will delight in the chance to interact with the adventurers, you might even want to get your fellow attendees to polish their favourite joke! All-in-all, your belly will be warmed by the hearty laughs and you’ll know a visit to the Glenelg Winter Festival is well worth it thanks to Jon, Jero and their mysteriously disappearing Stuff!


General notes about Glenelg Winter Arts Festival 

Highly recommend making the time to get to the Bay early for an explore and a play at Wigley Reserve. Or carve out some time after to get into the festival spirit. The fire pits were firing up as we were leaving and it would have been very easy to settle in with another mulled cider or some of the tasty treats on offer. There’s free kids games, (paid) face painting and henna, and lots of undercover seating with comfy rugs on the long table seating scattered throughout the festival area.  

Jon & Jero: Stuff!

Until 14th of July, 2024

The Kingfisher at Glenelg Winter Arts Festival

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