Illuminate Adelaide Review: Superluminal

FAMILY-FRIENDLY ILLUMINATE ADELAIDE REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Lucy, took her kiddos to Patch Theatre's performance for Illuminate Adelaide, Superluminal, at the South Australian Museum.

WORDS: Lucy C Budzynska

Patch Theatre’s latest creation, Superluminal, is an enchanting addition to Illuminate Adelaide, housed in the South Australian Museum. Designed for children aged 4-8, this immersive experience blends interactive play, bold visual design, and collaborative storytelling to create a magical journey through light, time, and nature.

Upon entering Superluminal, children are given colour-changing lanterns, adding a touch of personal magic to their adventure. Guided by a performer, they navigate five interactive spaces, discovering hidden animal tracks and encountering creatures from various time periods. The experience is both educational and fantastical, allowing children to craft their own mythical creatures and bring them to life with sounds and vibrant lighting. A standout feature is the glow wall, where children can dance around and pose as their shadows come alive in a rainbow of colours.

Inspired by the South Australian Museum’s collections, Superluminal encourages children to explore and appreciate nature’s wonders. The installation beautifully integrates elements of the natural world, sparking curiosity and fostering a sense of wonder. The interactive elements are thoughtfully designed, ensuring that every child can engage fully with the experience.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed Superluminal, and thought the guided nature made the experience extra special. At the end of the show each child is given a small glowing rock as a keepsake – my four-year-old was so taken by this I found her clutching it in her hand as she slept last night.

For families looking for a captivating school holiday activity, Superluminal is a must-see. It combines the magic of theatre with the awe of discovery, making it a memorable outing for young children and their families. Patch Theatre has once again demonstrated their talent for creating visually stunning and engaging experiences that resonate with their audience.


Until 10th of August, 2024

South Australian Museum, Adelaide

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