Adelaide Fringe Review: Mr Snotbottom vs The Zombie Boogers

FAMILY-FRIENDLY ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Lucy, took her kiddo to see the slimy sci-fi adventure, Mr Snotbottom vs The Zombie Boogers: The Science of Snot!, at Adelaide Fringe.

WORDS: Lucy C. Budzynska

Prepare for a wild, gooey ride at the Adelaide Fringe with Mr Snotbottom vs The Zombie Boogers: The Science of Snot! This high-energy, interactive show, held at Umbrella Revolution in The Garden of Unearthly Delights, thrusts kids into a hilarious and slimy sci-fi adventure.

The performance, battling an army of barbaric boogers and monster mucus, explores the science of snot. With ewwwy, gooey experiments, and giggle-inducing grosstastic gags, Mr Snotbottom invites the audience aboard a talking space craft to experience the gnarly nasal passage firsthand. The air-conditioned venue provided a welcome relief on a scorching day, enhancing the overall enjoyment.

During a school session with two large groups, the children were not just engaged but actively participated in the interactive segments. The squeals of delight echoed through the venue, particularly when cast members broke the fourth wall and ventured into the crowd, and when a water gun was used to illustrate just how far our sneeze particles can go. Mr Snotbottom and his team of entertainers, including two other performers, proved engaging, ensuring a lively and responsive audience.

The show skillfully blended comedy, ooey-gooey snot and mucus, and intriguing science facts, creating an atmosphere of excitement and laughter. The unique mix of gross-out humor and educational content makes Mr Snotbottom vs The Zombie Boogers a standout show at Adelaide Fringe. The lead, Mark Trenwith, known for his extensive experience in children’s theater and TV, brought his character to life, captivating both kids and adults alike.

In a city brimming with Fringe options, this mucus-filled extravaganza stands out as a must-see for families seeking a perfect blend of entertainment and education. It’s not just a children’s show; it’s a multi-generational comedy that guarantees laughter and learning in equal measure. So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of snotty mayhem, grab your tickets, bring your curiosity, and get ready for an unforgettable experience where science meets silliness!

Mr Snotbottom vs The Zombie Boogers: The Science of Snot!

Until Sunday 17th of March

Umbrella Revolution at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

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