Adelaide Fringe Review: CIRCUS The Show

Family-Friendly Fringe: Circus the Show
FAMILY-FRIENDLY ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Anastasia, took her kiddos to see CIRCUS The Show presented by Showmen Productions at Adelaide Fringe.

WORDS: Anastasia Vento

The Moa at Gluttony is home to CIRCUS The Show: a spectacle that’s perfect for the whole family. This show will have you gasping, laughing, and witnessing the unthinkable with something fun for everyone – aerialists, jugglers, hula hooping, magic, comedy, and a cheeky and clumsy clown with a gigantic, six-foot balloon (more on that later), all rolled into a fast-paced, 60-minute show.

Magnus, the ‘ringmaster’ and his circus mate, the clown, hilariously take you through the show with laugh-out-loud dialogue and tricks in between each act.

CIRCUS The Show, Adelaide Fringe 2024
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There was a striking hula hoop performance, followed by Bavo, who’s a basketball lover with mad spinning skills. He spun multiple basketballs in all ways imaginable and unimaginable (on his fingers, head and even the tip of his shoe).

The magic performance was highly entertaining, earning lots of cheer from the audience. I found myself stunned and thinking what everyone else was likely thinking: how did he do that? I won’t give anything else away.

The crowd was introduced to Ricardo Desperado, an insanely talented juggler, who at one stage had six pins up in the air. This performance had the kids standing and making lots of noise!

CIRCUS The Show, Adelaide Fringe 2024
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A stand-out performance was by the extremely skilled rope aerialist who swung and twirled from the very high ceiling. Many times, I gasped as she plunged from the ceiling, catching herself and continuing with breathtaking, draw-dropping techniques.

Though, what had the audience laughing and on their feet was the clown, who finally got his five minutes of fame on stage with his six-foot balloon. It had to be the biggest balloon in the Southern Hemisphere, or at least it would come close. The balloon took up a lot of the stage, so much so, it fit our friendly clown inside it! You must see it to believe it! It was outrageously cool, and very impressive. What a way to finish on a high!

The buzz from the crowd continued well after the final act, and there was a chance to meet the performers after the show.

CIRCUS The Show is a must-see spectacle, offering families a perfect and fun-filled day out. Catch it from Saturday 17 February to Sunday 17 March. Friday shows are at 4:45pm and Saturday and Sunday shows begin at 2pm and 4pm at Rymill Park.


Until Sunday 17th of March

The Moa, Gluttony

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