How to remove common stains from kids’ clothing

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School's back and so are the dreaded stains that come home! We've compiled a comprehensive guide to removing common stains from your kids' clothing, with a little help from the good people at Samsung.

You’ve likely had your daycare or primary aged child come home covered from head-to-toe and thought “how do I remove common stains from kids’ clothing?” But if you’re anything like us and you’re part of the 8 out of 10 Australians that don’t care for our clothing properly (Nature Garment Care Study, 2023) then you probably need some help.

Here’s a quick-tip guide for how to remove common stains from kids’ clothing.

How to remove common stains from your kids’ clothing

How do I remove chocolate from clothing?

  • Use a butter knife or spoon to remove any solid bits of chocolate from the fabric
  • Rinse with cold water (hot or warm water can set the stain)
  • Apply strain remover treatment and allow the garment to sit for 5 minutes
  • Soak for 15 minutes in cold water and then rinse the stain
  • Wash as normal


How do I remove crayon from clothing?

  • You will need to harden the wax again by putting an ice pack on the crayon wax for about 30 minutes, until it solidifies
  • Scrape off as much solid crayon wax from the fabric with a dull knife. Be careful not to push the crayon deeper in the fabric fibres
  • Soak the fabric in warm water and oxygen-based bleach for at least 30 minutes
  • Wash on a high heat water setting and naturally dry, repeat the process if the stains remove


How do I remove spaghetti sauce from clothing?

  • Lift as much mince, sauce and spaghetti off the garment with a spoon
  • Run the clothing item under cold water for 10-15 minutes on the opposite side of the stain
  • Work in a liquid detergent or dish soap (yes it works wonders!) until the stain is no longer visible and set for 10 minutes, rinse and let dry naturally
  • If stain is still visible use a spray or stain remover
  • Wash on cold setting


How do I wash clothing after a nappy explosion?

  • Remove excess solids into your toilet
  • Soak in warm soapy water for a couple of hours
  • Our recommendation is to wash the garment (cloth nappies or clothes) separately to other washing
  • Wash at a hotter water temperature, our recommendation is a 60-degree cycle
  • You may want to use a sensitive detergent as these garments are going on your baby/child’s delicate skin
  • Line dry where possible


How do I remove vomit from clothing?

  • Scrape off excess vomit
  • Flush the area with cold water
  • Pre-treat with a prewash stain remover
  • Launder using the hottest water safe for the fabric
  • Skip the clothes until you’re sure the stain is completely removed


How do I remove grass stains from clothing?

  • Brush away loose dirt, clumps of grass with your hands or laundry brush (you can use an old toothbrush or nail brush too)
  • As grass is a protein stain, it should be treated with an enzymatic stain treatment. Use your laundry brush to gently work the treatment into the stain to penetrate and break down the stain
  • Wash in cold water on a regular cycle
  • Check if stain is removed, if not, repeat the process above


How do I remove mud from clothing?

  • Brush away any clumps of hardened mud with a laundry brush
  • Immediately apply a pre-treatment or stain remover to the stain, let it soak in for 10 minutes
  • Agitate the garment in warm water to loosen the mud
  • Machine wash as usual


How do I remove blood (wet or dry) from clothing?

  • Rinse the stain immediately with cold water
  • Soak the garment in cold to warm water mixed with detergent for 15 minutes
  • Remove from soaking and dab the stain with household ammonia if the stain persists


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