5 reasons kids need to eat more fish

For a food that is great for our health, as well as easy to cook, versatile and delicious, fish often gets a hard time - especially from kids! But with many benefits to eating fish, especially for children, there are many reasons to include this superfood more frequently in your kid’s diet.

WORDS: Susie Burrell, leading dietitian and Tassal ambassador

Tassal Tassie Salmon, in particular, is a highly nutrient dense option and the perfect addition to the family meal repertoire. In the lead up to World Salmon Day (Saturday 8 October), here are five reasons for your family to eat a lot more nutrient rich salmon.

Fish is high in omega-3’s

Salmon has a range of health benefits, but its omega-3 fatty acid profile draws the most attention. Omega-3 fatty acids are a kind of fat which is essential for optimal health. The right type of fats is important for the body and with the human brain being 60% fat[1].

Including salmon in your child’s diet two to three times per week will make sure they are receiving the nutrients needed to boost their mood, brain health, and will play a key role in their ongoing growth and development.

Fish is packed with protein

Salmon is filled with essential vitamins and minerals, such as protein, making it a nutrient-dense option for your little ones. With around 30g of protein in each 150g serve[2], it’s one of the most effective ways of helping kids stay fuller for longer, which is important when it comes to staying focused and attentive during the school day.

Fish can support bone and eye health

Salmon is rich in vitamin D and magnesium, both of which are essential for bone growth and development. Magnesium is particularly important for kids because the best time to influence bone mass is in the early years, before peak bone mass is achieved during their adolescence[3].

Its taste and versatility

Salmon carries one of the most subtle flavours making it ideal for fussy eaters. It’s also incredibly versatile which, in turn, is ideal for busy families! Perfect cooked or smoked, or for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s a flexible option to include in your weekly family meals, and will ensure that you and your kids receive the energy they need to tackle each day.

Fish is the sustainable choice

Educating our kids on why sustainable food practices matter will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to make a lifetime of healthy choices that will be better for them and the environment. These kinds of lessons aren’t easy concepts to impart on kids, but when you make learning hands-on and fun, it’s much more relatable!

World Salmon Day is all about celebrating the importance of responsibly sourced salmon and caring for our environment. So to honour the occasion, I’ll be encouraging my sons to join me in the kitchen to create a delicious meal together with a fish they can feel good about eating, like Tassal Tassie Salmon.

Try these kid friendly Salmon for the whole family

For kid-friendly recipes the whole family will love, try Tassal’s Diced Salmon Panko Dippers, Salmon Skewers with Veggies, or Salmon and Zucchini Slice.


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