Healthy baking made easy these school holidays with Grumpy Bums

Introducing Grumpy Bums, wholesome bake mix products without the added sugar. Bringing families together these school holidays!

Grumpy Bums offers a variety of nourishing products suitable for all ages 12 months and up. The easy step-by-step baking packs include all the necessary ingredients, allowing you to prepare delicious treats in less than 20 minutes. Each muffin baking mix, priced at $14.50 (AUD), comes in flavors such as Apple and Cinnamon, Strawberry Yoghurt, and Banana Bread. Additionally, Grumpy Bums offers a Muesli Cookie Mix and a selection of flavorful porridges, including Strawberry, Vanilla, and Banana Porridge, all priced at $9.00 (AUD).

Grumpy Bums is dedicated to offering wholesome bake mix products without added sugar, perfect for bringing families together through fun and healthy baking activities. Launched in 2023 by food scientist and mum Jo Leontiades, Grumpy Bums fills a crucial gap in the market for busy parents seeking nutritious, no-sugar food options for their kids’ breakfast, snacks and lunchboxes. With over 20 years of experience in product development, retail, and manufacturing in Australia, Jo has created Grumpy Bums to provide convenient and tasty alternatives without compromising on health.

By replacing sugar with real freeze-dried fruit, which retains up to 95% of its nutritional value and 100% of its fiber, Grumpy Bums products achieve the satisfying sweetness kids love without the unhealthy additives. This initiative addresses the alarming statistic that two-thirds of Australian packaged food products contain added sugar and 60% of Australian children aged 2-8 consume more sugar than recommended.

Why we love Grumpy Bums products:

  • No Added Sugar: Absolutely no sweeteners, sugar substitutes, or refined sugars.
  • Wholesome Ingredients: Packed with whole grains and real fruit.
  • Convenience: Nearly everything needed is included in the pack, including the fruit.
  • Australian Made: 100% manufactured in Australia, with flour grown and harvested in northern NSW and freeze-dried fruit sourced from Victoria, except for bananas which come from Queensland.


The Grumpy Bums range is available to purchase online as well as in selected IGA and Woolworths stores nationally.

To purchase Grumpy Bums:


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