catholic schools open week

Catholic Schools Open Week

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions that a parent makes. Through a commitment to educational excellence, Catholic schools provide quality learning in a Catholic context – from the early years through to Year 12 – instilling values that will last well beyond the schooling experience. This year, families are encouraged to discover their local Catholic school during Catholic Schools Open Week and see how a Catholic education can set your child up for life.   Choosing a Catholic school Tours and Open Days are a great way to see the school in action, meet the teachers and experience the learning environment. Some schools take tours in groups; others have individual tours for your family. Some schools offer Come ‘n’ Try sessions – where your child can experience a day at school first-hand. You can also take a Virtual or Video tour for a taste of what a Catholic school can offer without having to leave home! With over 100 tours and events across the State, this is the perfect time to discover your local Catholic school. For more information:

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Rêverie Electronique: A Sonic Journey for Toddlers and Parents @Adelaide French Festival

Rêverie Electronique Art Space at Adelaide French Festival Saturday 12 January – Sunday 13 January If you have toddlers this is one event that you need to get to at Adelaide French Festival this year! Rêverie Electronique Art Space is a sonic journey for toddlers and their parents, featuring ambient music and projections. Join French artist Jesse Lucas as he creates a sonic journey, influenced by the beautiful ambient music of Brian Eno. Immerse yourself in a dreamy world of sound and image. Toddlers and parents alike will be lulled by Jesse Lucas’ mesmerising electronic music accompanied by his captivating projections. Jesse says: “Reverie électronique is a time to chill out with your babies and small children, bathed in ambient electronic music and soothing sounds from nature. You’ll take place on comfy cushions around my modular synthesiser full of colourful cables and blinking lights and I will improvise a musical journey for you. In the centre of the room a pyramid will display, on its four sides, a lost island and its wildlife.” Get lost in a wistful electronic reverie, perfect for taking a break from the world outside. “.a sensory immersion, an electronic reverie cradled by a musical improvisation accompanied by projections of images.” – Daddy On The Road For more information and tickets:

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Ooh La La Adelaide French Festival is Returning Next Weekend!

Ooh La La! Slip on your finest berets les enfants, Adelaide French Festival is returning in 2019 with a program ready to tempt and tantalise all palettes. Sumptuous food and wine, world-class theatre, workshops, free family activities and crepes – lots of crepes will be on the agenda this 11 – 13 January 2019. This year the French Festival program features two world premieres, 15 Australian premieres, 67 international artists and 60 Australian artists. The 2019 festival will focus on the beautiful French region of Brittany, with a range of musicians, artists, designers and chefs showcasing the regions rich and unique culture and connections to the sea. We spoke to Adelaide French Festival, Creative Director Rebecca Pearce to see what’s in store for families and more! What makes French Festival a family festival? The program features free family activities and workshops, together with beautiful family shows from France. The festival has a fun, accessible and diverse program of French events and activities, there really is something for everyone. What are the most exciting events on for kids? There are loads of workshops across the weekend, from discovering your inner chef and learning how to whip up French treats with Le Cordon Bleu, to creating your own flower crown, or witness the outrageous bespoke hair sculptures by French hair wizard Mystérieuses Coiffures, to experiencing the wonder of Company Non Nova’s L’apres midi d’un foehn. What free events are on offer? There are so many free activities and events on offer, embrace your inner artist with Little Picassos workshops,or build your own cardboard empire with Boxwars. Why is it important for children to engage in cultural events like French Festival? It’s a great way to discover and learn a culture through fun workshops, games and activities. What better way to discover French culture than through a festival, and with the whole family. For more information and to view the festival program: @adlfrenchfest

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