Rêverie Electronique: A Sonic Journey for Toddlers and Parents @Adelaide French Festival

Rêverie Electronique Art Space at Adelaide French Festival

Saturday 12 January – Sunday 13 January

If you have toddlers this is one event that you need to get to at Adelaide French Festival this year!

Rêverie Electronique Art Space is a sonic journey for toddlers and their parents, featuring ambient music and projections.

Join French artist Jesse Lucas as he creates a sonic journey, influenced by the beautiful ambient music of Brian Eno.

Glowing and flashing triangle art installation

Immerse yourself in a dreamy world of sound and image. Toddlers and parents alike will be lulled by Jesse Lucas’ mesmerising electronic music accompanied by his captivating projections. Jesse says:

“Reverie électronique is a time to chill out with your babies and small children, bathed in ambient electronic music and soothing sounds from nature. You’ll take place on comfy cushions around my modular synthesiser full of colourful cables and blinking lights and I will improvise a musical journey for you. In the centre of the room a pyramid will display, on its four sides, a lost island and its wildlife.”

Get lost in a wistful electronic reverie, perfect for taking a break from the world outside.

“.a sensory immersion, an electronic reverie cradled by a musical improvisation accompanied by projections of images.” – Daddy On The Road

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