REVIEW: Amphibian

Author: Aziza Stevens – 13 Years Old 

An Epic Story of Displacement, Loss and Adapting to Different Worlds

The story starts with Chloe and Hassan sent out of class for detention, they have 50 minutes figure out which one of them stole their teachers money. At the end of their time one of them will have to admit to what they have done. Amphibian has a very serious message but has some humour to less intensify the scenes and ease the silence. This particular Windmill Theatre Company production is very different form previous performances I have seen. The cast Antony Makhlouf playing Hassan and Maiah Stewardson playing primarily Chloe both have excellent acting skills. This was an interesting piece to watch because of the changing roles between the two actors.

Chloe and Hassan have some things in common just not in the way you would expect it. As they tell their private stories of their life you get a deeper understanding towards both of them. The audience uncovers the uncomfortable truths of a refugees journey to freedom and safety, and also get a deeper understanding of what their lives where like and what they are like now. It wasn’t just the actors that made the show, the script, simple costuming and the pastel coloured set with thoughtful lighting made the scenes feel realistic. One of my favourite parts of the performance was in the interviewing room where they used different camera angles to emphasize the mood. The simplicity of the production is impressive.

Amphibian is definitely for an older age group and it is confronting to hear the process a refugee has to go through to get a safer place. There is an estimate of 65 million refugees worldwide. I now think of the word ‘refugee’ very differently since seeing this performance. I wasn’t sure at first why the show had been named Amphibian, it could have many meanings, but for me it shows how cold blooded humanity can be. This original performance from Windmill Theatre Company is worth seeing, catch it while you can.

Amphibian is showing from 12 – 15 September at Adelaide Festival Centre 

Tickets and more information here 

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