Kip&Co x Rainbow Brite: A colourful collaboration for the ages

Get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey as two iconic brands join forces to bring back the magic of the 80’s with a burst of colour and joy.

Kip&Co is thrilled to announce their collaboration with the original 80s colour crusader, Rainbow Brite, in celebration of her 40th birthday. Prepare to be whisked away into a world of sugary highs and shamelessly rainbow-coloured joy with the Kip&Co x Rainbow Brite special collectors edition range.

The Kip&Co x Rainbow Brite collaboration is a celebration of everything that made the original series a timeless classic; iconic characters, colourful adventures, and timeless message of friendship that have captivated audiences for generations.

It also invites the new generation to rediscover the wonder of Rainbow Brite in an enchanting assortment of products sure to spark nostalgia and ignite imagination.

“Has there ever been a more perfect pairing than Kip&Co x Rainbow Brite?! We grew up watching the show so there is so much love and nostalgia for this range. We hope that it will spark joy and nostalgia for long-time fans while introducing a new generation to the magic of Rainbow Brite” says Kip&Co co-founder, Alex McCabe.

The Kip&Co x Rainbow Brite collection features a range of products designed to delight fans of all ages, including:

Kid bedding, apparel and accessories: Inspired by Rainbow Brite and her colourful companions the range includes something for everyone. From sleepwear, sweaters and dresses to bags and drink bottles. Plus colour their dreams with bedding, cushions and blankets featuring iconic Rainbow Brite designs.

Baby Essentials: Introduce the next generation to the magic of Rainbow Brite with a range of organic cotton baby rompers, bibs, bedding and snuggle blankets.

And for the big kids: Let the rainbow shower on you too with adult eco satin sleepwear to match back with your littlies (cue the cutest AND most colourful sleepover you’ll ever have)!

Join Kip&Co in celebrating 40 years of Rainbow Brite and rediscover the magic of friendship and colour on her 40th birthday bash!

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