Get ready for KIDDO-friendly fun at Gluttony

Gluttony: Bubba-Licious
Adelaide Fringe is going to be a paradise for families and kids this year, and Gluttony is the place to be for all the excitement!

If you’re eager to get out of the house, enjoy some fantastic family time, and have a blast at the Fringe, we’ve got the inside scoop on what’s coming your way at Gluttony.

Children’s events are always a big hit at the Adelaide Fringe, and this year, it’s going to be even more amazing. Gluttony should be your top choice if you’re heading to the Fringe with your fam. So, what can you look forward to at our fave Fringe venue?

Adelaide Fringe family picks at Gluttony:

Explore Gluttony at the 2024 Adelaide Fringe with your family and discover plenty of fantastic shows that promise laughter, wonder, and interactive excitement for kids and grown-ups alike. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Family-Friendly Fringe: 101 Ways to Annoy Your Parents

101 Ways to Annoy Your Parents

Family friendly frenzy

Kid-entertainer extraordinaire Matty Grey delivers a tidal wave of barely organised chaos and sage wisdom, making this show a hit for kids aged 5 and up. The performance features just the right amount of audience participation and culminates in a massive pillow fight between kids and dads.

Family-Friendly Fringe: Bubba-Licious


A sensory spectacle for babies and toddlers

For the youngest Fringe fans, ‘Bubba Licious’ offers a sensory explosion of colour, sound, light, and movement to delight and ignite wonder in your little ones. This 30-minute show has won the Best Kids Show at Adelaide Fringe multiple times.

Family-Friendly Fringe: Bubble Laboratory Bubble Show

Bubble Laboratory Bubble Show

A space-themed extravaganza

The Bubble Laboratory Bubble Show raises the bar with a space-themed bubble extravaganza, featuring astronaut outfits, astounding bubble tricks, and routines that will leave the audience spellbound. Expect bubbles that travel, screens of bubbles, bubbles filled with smoke, and even fiery bubbles.

Family-Friendly Fringe: Game On 4: BOSS LEVEL

Game On 4 – BOSS LEVEL

The ultimate gaming adventure

In a world where kids are glued to video games, Game On 4 – Boss Level brings those digital adventures to life. Matty Grey returns with a wild interactive show where the audience battles their way through video game-inspired challenges. It’s a show that gamers and their families won’t want to miss.

Family-Friendly Fringe: Justin's Big Balloon Show

Justin’s Big Balloon Show

High-energy entertainment

The internationally renowned Showmen Productions brings ‘Justin’s BIG Balloon Show’ to Adelaide Fringe in 2024. This high-energy performance is a thrilling blend of grand illusions, circus stunts, and larger-than-life balloon creations.

Family-Friendly Fringe: Circus the Show


A world-class extravaganza

CIRCUS is a trailblazing Australian children’s entertainment show featuring world-class illusions, acrobatics, juggling, aerialists, comedy, and an endearing clown. With numerous 5-star reviews and the title of Best Children’s Show at Adelaide Fringe, it’s a must-see for families.


Electrifying science spectacular

Magnus Danger Magnus, the mad scientist, is set to electrify Adelaide Fringe in 2024 with a brand new science extravaganza. This all-ages show promises fascinating gizmos and gadgets that will spark curiosity and leave audiences in awe.

Family-Friendly Fringe: Amazing, Silly, Big, Stupid Comedy Gameshow for Kids

The Amazing, Silly, Big Stupid Comedy Game Show for Kids and Grown-Ups

Silliness for all ages

For family fun that spans generations, The Amazing, Silly, Big Stupid Comedy Game Show is the ultimate interactive experience. Join the audience and participate in various games, comedy challenges, and a whole lot of silliness.

Family-Friendly Fringe: You are a Doughnut

You Are a Doughnut

A biological-musical-comedy

In You Are a Doughnut, rival biology teachers take the audience on a wacky vaudeville-inspired voyage through the human digestive system. It’s an educational and hilarious performance that will leave you in stitches.

Family-Friendly Fringe: Kids Can Heckle

Kids Can Heckle

Family fun with a twist

UK stand-up Ollie Horn brings his clean comedy to the stage, but the real stars are the kids in the audience. They’re invited to jump in, share their wild ideas, and join in the hilarity. It’s an interactive, wholesome, and laugh-out-loud hour of comedy where kids take the reins!

Gluttony: Art Cherry
Art-Chery Range at Gluttony

Family friendly activities at Gluttony:

Introducing The Dark Room for Kids

Adelaide Fringe 2024 brings a thrilling new addition that’s never been seen here before – The Dark Room for Kids! But what’s the buzz about? Imagine stepping into a live-action video game with your family, where the clock is ticking, and your escape is on the line! Will you: A) Scramble for the light switch? B) Embark on a northbound journey? C) Erupt in a shower of hilariously horrendous chaos? Get ready for an interactive adventure packed with wacky prizes and utter pandemonium! While the show is primarily recommended for ages 11 and up, younger kids are more than welcome. Expect a hint of mild language, but it’s more like Roald Dahl than YouTube.

Dart Blaster Arena

Gluttony is home to the regular Fringe favourite, the Dart Blaster Arena; aka the most fun your kiddo is ever going to have! The arena offers Nerf-crazy kids a sample of the buffet of toy blasters available.

The Arena is fired up on weekends from 11am-5:45pm and is a convenient space to tuck the kids while parents relax for a chat over a glass of vino from the numerous bars around the park.

Art-Chery Range

Returning to Gluttony this year is the Art-Chery range. Take aim with paint-dipped arrows and experience the satisfying SPLAT as they hit the canvas. Plus, take your masterpiece home. 

The Range is open on Fridays from 5pm-10pm and on weekends from 12pm. 

Get your GLUTTON on

It just wouldn’t be Gluttony without a bit of nosh! And there’ll be something to satisfy every kind of rumbly tummy at Gluttony this year. As always, Gluttony will have a fantastic selection of food and drink available from its 2 food courts, including plenty of Adelaide faves.

Gluttony will again be using a cashless system for all food and beverage purchases, meaning faster and more efficient service for our customers; leave your notes at home, just tap your smartphone and go!

Also don’t miss…

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  • An Utterly Rubbish Adventure
  • Hana Fiesta’s Disco Fiasco
  • Jon & Jero: Stuff!
  • Josh Staley – Wacky Wizardry Goes Wrong
  • Signor Baffo
  • StorySnorts
  • The Family-Friendly Stand-Up Show
  • The Revolting Children of Tomorrow


For more information:

Tickets on sale from December 1, 2023


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