Top 10 best skateparks in Adelaide

Prospect Skate Park
UPDATED: January, 2024 Avril Lavigne said it best when she said "he was a skater boy, I said seeya later boy"... and that's exactly what we'd like to do with our skateboarding kiddos sometimes; find a great skatepark, drop them off and say SEEYA LATER for a few hours!

Well, we’ve created one of our famous KIDDO guides to help you find the best skateparks in Adelaide.

That’s right, we’ve scoured Adelaide and found the top 10 skateparks complete with half pipes, grind rails and plenty of transitions and street obstacles. Please feel free to tell us how impressed you are with our skate lingo.

We’ve included skateparks for skaters, scooters and BMX riders of all skill levels and abilities, some for more experienced skaters and some for those just getting used to life on wheels!

Updated: January, 2024

Adelaide’s best skateparks

Paradise Skatepark

The Paradise Recreation Plaza is a contemporary multi-use facility that celebrates its history and natural surrounds of River Torrens Linear Park / Karrawirra Parri in influencing its design.

Set against the backdrop of giant gum trees the space brings a modern design ideal for people of all ages and skill levels who like to be active or just really love getting about on wheels.

Key features of the park include a skate area with bowl, flow zone and street area, dirt BMX track with multiple jumps and berm, pump track, ninja course, parkour zone, play area and sports zone for ball sports.

There are toilets, BBQs, shelters and a large lawn for people to enjoy a picnic and all the facilities on offer.

Darley Road, Paradise

St Clair Skatepark

St Clair Skatepark

The St Clair skatepark is located in the St Clair Playspace Precinct, next door to St Clair Recreation Centre and The Brocas. The skate park features a mini Bondi bowl, flat bars, hips and ledges and fly out rails amongst other exciting additions for skateboards, bikes and scooters. The all ages area also features a basketball half court, a table tennis table, shelter and automated lighting and an all-accessible viewing area. There’s plenty of greenery too, with new plants, shade trees and irrigation. The Brocas, our youth community centre, host skating workshops on weekends and during the school holidays.

Woodville Rd, St Clair 

best skateparks in adelaide

West Beach Skatepark

Warm-up your wheels and get your helmet hair ready, the West Beach Parks Skate and BMX is open and free all day and night. Get out the skateboard, skates and BMX bikes and roll down to Africaine Road while staying at the Parks, or head down for a day on wheels. West Beach Parks Skate and BMX is very popular for skateboarding, in-line skating and BMX riding. At the park, you will find a beginners bowl, street circuit, a dirt BMX track, large vertical ramp and plenty of sheltered BBQ space.

Africaine Rd, West Beach 

Mt Compass Skate Park

Mt Compass Skatepark

This awesome state of the art skatepark can be found within Mt Compass recreation park and has recently opened! The facility includes a skatepark and BMX track, a creek bed and nature play area, as well as playground equipment and a sandpit for the littles who prefer time on two feet instead of four wheels! As you can see lots of grass as well as a sheltered spectator viewing area and even a handy bike repair station.

Haywood Ct, Mount Compass

Prospect Skate Park

Prospect Skatepark in George Whittle Reserve

This skatepark in Adelaide’s inner Northern suburbs has a little something for everyone, from very inexperienced skaters to those who can kickflip and ollie with the best of them. There’s also plenty of shade and play equipment in the adjacent park so a great one for families in the school holidays.

54-56 Churchill Road, Prospect 

willunga skate park

Willunga Skatepark

Willunga skatepark is a beginner to intermediate level street style skate park. The park includes a half pipe, pyramids, ledges and hips, mini ramp and several street style transition obstacles. This is a quieter and smaller skatepark than some of the others we’ve come across, and a great spot for littles on scooters or skateparks to start honing their craft.

Railway Terrace, Willunga 

Adelaide City Skatepark

The new City Skate is a unique destination facility, designed in close collaboration with Adelaide’s skate community and those that held the old City Skatepark close to their hearts. Located next to West Terrace and nestled in the Adelaide Park Lands, City Skate is a facility built for skating, BMX and other wheeled sports from levels beginner to advanced.

City Skate is the largest skate park in South Australia and will be home to local events, skate clinics and some of Australia’s major skating events. City Skate consists of an advanced bowl, a plaza, a mini bowl and a beginner’s street.

Corner of West Terrace and Glover Avenue, Adelaide

Oaklands Plaza Skate Bowl

Oaklands Skatepark

The skate park at Oaklands Recreation Plaza is popular with people of all age groups. This design offers many different challenges and spaces and means that, even when busy. you can enjoy some time on your choice of wheels.There’s a number of skate challenges incorporated into the design including quarter pipes, flat banks, rollover hip, volcano, rail beams, grind rails and straight/curved ledges. The surrounded park also has a purpose-built roadway for bikes and scooters!

237-265 Oaklands Rd, Oaklands Park

Morton Road Skatepark

Morton Road Skatepark

There are features at Morton Road Skatepark suitable for all skill levels and riders, including skateboarders, BMXing, scooter, roller skating and all other active wheeled sport disciplines. The park is also a great tree-lined spot for families who’d simply like to head down and enjoy the action.

Morton Road, Christie Downs

Goolwa Skatepark

Goolwa Skatepark

We just had to round out the list best skateparks in Adelaide with the Goolwa Skatepark! We reckon this skatepark should absolutely win the prize for the most colourful skatepark in Adelaide. In fact, the brilliant murals adorning the skate bowl were created by three street artists commissioned by the local council in a bid to deter unsightly graffiti tagging, and generally make it the bright and welcoming spot for all. We’d say they did pretty well! The skatepark area has an asphalt pump track, a dirt BMX track, and bench seats. There’s also a smart solar bench with a solar powered charging station and free Wi-Fi, meaning devices and phones can be used and charged while your kids are entertaining themselves. Hoorah!

8 Glendale Grove, Goolwa


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