3 summer safety tips from Tiny Hearts Education

summer safety tips for kids
As temperatures increase, so does the need for safety precautions for our kiddos throughout the season. The team at Tiny Hearts Education has given us their top tips for heading into summer with babies and kids, so you can enjoy the weather without the worry!

1. Spraying water from the hose directly on someone before letting it run cool can cause significant burns

The water inside a garden hose can heat up quickly to between 55-60 degrees in the summer sun when not running. It takes just ONE SECOND to cause full-thickness burns at 60 degrees and TEN SECONDS at 55 degrees.

So remember, when you’re outside with your little ones and are planning to use the sprinkler or hose to cool off, run the water on the grass until the water runs cold before spraying yourself or your bub.

2. Covering your pram with a blanked dramatically increases the temperature inside the pram

As the weather heats up, prams can become as dangerous as hot cars.

Our natural instinct is to cover our pram to minimise the sun, but this can reduce airflow and increase the temperature in the pram underneath the blanket, quickly making it too hot for bub.

3. Sunscreen + preventing sunburn

Your little one has delicate and sensitive skin that burns quickly + easily. The more sun exposure at an early age, the greater the chance of skin cancer later in life.

So to protect our young babies best, we would do all of these things first:

  • Cover as much skin as possible with lightweight clothes or a wrap
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat that covers the face, ears + back of the neck
  • Use baby sunnies for their little eyes
  • Seek out and stay in the shade


For little ones, the last line of defence is sunscreen. The Australasian College of Dermatologists doesn’t recommend sunscreen use on bubs under 6m because their skin is highly absorbent.

Always apply sunscreen:

  • 20 minutes before sun exposure, again 30 minutes later and repeat every 2 hours (regardless of package instructions, particularly if swimming)
  • Generously – most people use too little


When choosing a sunscreen for older bubs, kiddos and yourselves, look for a sunscreen that is:

  • SPF 30 or higher [50+ is the best]
  • Water-resistant and broad spectrum – offers the best protection
  • Must be TGA approved – if the website doesn’t say ‘TGA approved’: followed by a number, do not buy it
  • Developed explicitly for little ones; they will be less harsh


We hope this helps you prepare for summer, armed with the info to advocate for and treat your precious Tiny Heart.

Helping you feel prepared for parenthood is what Tiny Hearts is all about. For more life-saving info, book into the Tiny Hearts Education Baby + Child First Aid course and let the team teach you everything they know, empowering you to face parenthood without fear.


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