Welcome to Windmill at Home. A new online platform that hopes to bring a little bit of Windmill joy into your home. Windmill believe that good stories bring people together and can make even the darkest days brighter. They have worked closely with their wonderful team of artists and creatives to share some of your favourite stories in a whole new way. There is a whole suite of stories with Grug, a collection of hands-on activities and interactive (and award-winning) digital experiences. Windmill will be back onstage as soon as they can. For now, find them here and on your screens!

A message from Artistic Director Rose

The amazing thing about artists is their boundless creativity. When faced with the prospect not being onstage for a little while, our incredible family of creatives at Windmill took it as a challenge. We asked, ‘how does Windmill tell stories in the digital space?’

The answer is Windmill at Home. A suite of digital experiences, content and activities that bring some of our favourite characters, stories and faces into your home. We’ve worked with artists to revisit some of our best friends, including Grug and Beep, to reinvigorate some of our digital experiences and interactive journeys and have created exciting ways to get people young and old up, moving, building and creating

We hope this little bit of Windmill will inspire you, fascinate you and make you smile.

With lots of love (from a safe social distance),


Here are some of the stories to choose from: 


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