St Dominic’s Priory College: Inspiring her learning

St Dominic's Priory Adelaide
St Dominic's Priory College is committed to knowing how girls and young women learn best at every stage of their schooling life.

As a community where academic excellence is valued and future pathways nurtured, we know the importance of supporting our senior school students. We offer excellence in subject counselling as our Year 10, 11 and 12 girls consider their future learning and careers. Whilst, Science, Mathematics and English are popular, we offer a variety of subjects where student excel in their areas of interest and strengths.

Students can select from a diverse range of over 30 subjects in the Senior years. This broad academic landscape equips girls with the skills and dispositions required to be successful women making a difference in an ever-changing world.  Beyond the core courses, students can engage their analytical skills in the study of Religion Studies, Economics, Legal Studies, Accounting and History to name a few.  Vietnamese, French and Italian are offered to those intrigued by global cultures. For students drawn to artistic expression, we offer pathways in Fashion Design, Visual Arts, Music, and Drama. Gaming innovation courses cater to tech-savvy creators and E-Sport fans, while Child Studies and Workplace Practices provide insights into social roles and responsibilities.

Our facilities complement the College’s commitment to academic excellence by providing a specialised educational environment for students in their senior secondary years. The Sr Jillian Havey Year 12 Centre has a nurturing yet focused feel, specifically designed to support the needs of our Year 12 students. Our Adam’s Mayo Building houses a beautiful library that spans two levels, offering a wealth of resources for our students for research purposes. Senior students can also use “The Space”, a dynamic area where innovation and creativity can transform thoughts and ideas into reality through the use of 3-D printers, podcasting and photography studios, textile machinery and more.

At St Dominic’s Priory College we are experts in girls education, inspiring confidence at every stage of school life.

Visit the campus in November, and meet students and staff, by booking your place at the Morning Guided Tour:


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