Nurturing the unique greatness in every child

For over 170 years, St Andrew’s School has nurtured South Australia’s brightest and bravest minds, forging generations of leaders through its uncompromising focus on individual success.

In 2024, we proudly embark on a new chapter in our rich history, launching our new Strategic Intent – Towards 2030, and unveiling a refreshed brand that embodies our commitment to discovering and nurturing the unique greatness in every child.

Guided by our vision, mission, and values, this ambitious plan ensures St Andrew’s remains at the forefront of childhood education, preparing our students to thrive in the face of future challenges and opportunities.

While unwavering in our commitment to academic excellence, we also know that when a child’s unique perspective and purpose is truly understood and celebrated, they thrive with a profound sense of identity and belonging. Empowered with these qualities, they chart their own path to greatness.

At St Andrew’s School, our students discover who they are, and their individual talents, in order to develop their own definition of success. Our mission is to guide children through their early learning and primary education, empowering them to embrace their uniqueness and amplify their individual greatness, for the betterment of the community and the world.

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