Kumon: A foundation for the future

As the largest after-school learning programme in the world, Kumon is more than just tutoring. It’s a partnership between parent, student and Kumon Instructor, to fully pursue each child’s individual potential and develop his or her ability to the maximum. We find out about how Kumon helps children develop their confidence, a daily study habit and a high level of mathematics and reading ability.

The Kumon method aims to foster sound, capable individuals who are able to independently carve out a path for themselves in life.

Confidence from the start

To develop confidence, children start with worksheets that are easy for them. So easy, they can complete a high volume of worksheets, achieving near perfect scores, with speed and concentration. Confident they can do the worksheets on their own, children will be enthusiastic to do more. Their concentration will expand and a daily study habit will form.


Every child progresses at their own page

In Kumon, students study at the level most appropriate for them, irrespective of age or school year. As they progress, Instructors ensure that students always study worksheets at their ‘just-right’ level – the spot between study material that is too easy and too difficult. Children who need to build on more basic concepts are supported and those who can be challenged by more complex work are extended.

Create a daily study habit

Children are given the opportunity to practise a topic a number of times when needed, helping them to decrease the number of errors, reduce completion time, review an earlier topic, or consolidate something new before they move on. The right amount of practice and a daily study habit – ideally no more than 30 minutes per subject per day – prepares children for higher levels and lays the foundation for smooth progress.


Developing self learners

The primary strength of the Kumon Method is, above all, advancing beyond school grade level. The programmes are not only for improving students’ performance in their maths, native, and foreign language classes. Rather, by experiencing and learning how to self-learn through their study of those subjects, children are able to cultivate the ability to independently learn without always needing to be taught. Equipped with this skill, children can pursue their own potential at school and in life with no limitations, by developing a mindset that no problem is too difficult to attempt.

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