Jobs of the Future

Wondering what exactly the jobs of the future are? Learn about the career paths of some of the inspiring young people who are studying, working and volunteering at Lot Fourteen every day! 

Wondering what exactly the jobs of the future are? Learn about the career paths of some of the inspiring young people who are studying, working and volunteering at Lot Fourteen every day! 

jobs of the future


What are you studying? I studied Mechanical Engineering for nearly three years before transitioning into IT where I’ll soon be commencing a certificate IV in Cyber Security under the SA Government Cyber Security Traineeship program.

What are you currently doing? I currently work as a Cyber Security Trainee within the Office for Cyber Security in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and hope to upskill to a Cyber Security Analyst over the coming years. My role sees me immersing myself within the cyber security discipline and assisting the Office for Cyber Security in the protection of the state.

What/who inspired you to enter this career? I was inspired to enter this career in order to have a challenging and versatile job I’m passionate about. I naturally gravitated towards cyber security due to my time spent building PCs with my Dad as a kid and increased interest with IT and security over the recent years.

jobs of the future


What did you study? Self-taught. I began coding in Year 7, but didn’t take it seriously until Year 8/9 where I built a couple of games.

What’s your career? I’m a self-taught iOS developer making apps for Apple Watches, and more recently I’ve started at a new social media startup…but that’s a little secretive!

What/who inspired you? I became inspired to build iPhone and Apple Watch apps after getting bored in school assemblies and wanting something to pass time! It was great being welcomed into the Stone and Chalk community when it opened in Lot Fourteen, Adelaide. This was in 2019—I was just 17 years old and surrounded by an inspiring cohort of other business founders passionate about tech. I feel so lucky to be working in a job I love already at 19, and can’t wait for what the future holds.

jobs pf the future


What are you studying: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Aerospace) with a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences.

What career do you aspire to? I would love to have a career as an Aerospace Engineer! They are responsible for lots of different things like designing parts for spacecraft, monitoring launches or even becoming an astronaut. Currently, I am a Space Communicator at the Australian Space Discovery Centre, where I get to talk about what’s happening in our space sector and the exciting careers available.

What/who inspired to enter this career? I was inspired by local Adelaide space leaders like Flavia from Fleet Space Technologies and our very own astronaut Andy Thomas. They both have really awesome space careers, and encouraged me to aim for the stars!

jobs of the future


What did you study: I studied a Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) (with Honours) at the University of Adelaide.

What I am currently doing: I am now pursuing a PhD at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning where I am researching whether it is possible to land a spacecraft on a planetary surface by only using a camera as the spacecraft’s primary sensor.

What/Who inspired me: When I was 7 years old, I was diagnosed with dyslexia which made certain subjects at school extremely difficult for me to do. My Mum inspired me to be the person I was always capable of being, even if that just meant I had to work harder than everyone else for the same result.

jobs of the future


What did you study? I studied an undergraduate in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Adelaide Uni which I graduated from as Valedictorian, and went on to study a Masters by Research. I’m now heading to the MIT Media Lab to study a PhD in computational social science, which broadly uses tools from the cutting edge of data science and AI to examine the world we live in.

What career do you aspire to? I generally aspire to a career varied enough that doesn’t have a single job title, but working towards creating innovations and bringing them into the world is something that excites me. After I finish the PhD at MIT with Fulbright I want to work in a place where new things are happening and I truly hope Lot Fourteen will be that place for me.

What/who inspired to follow this career path? I credit my goals and my ambitions mostly to the mentors in my life as I have grown into my career. It’s not some poster of Steve Jobs on my wall that made me strive for my goals but consistent advice on how to push myself to achieve dreams and create the impact on the world I want to see.

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