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The best thing about running late for my column deadline this edition is that I’ve been able to put a hold on all things body image (for now) and instead focus on a real pressing issue – the Coronavirus. It feels so surreal, doesn’t it? Just a month ago everything was relatively normal, 2020 started with a bang, we had the Tour Down Under, then Superloops, the Fringe and now…. social distancing.

Social distancing is a phrase I’ve never even used in my life and before I could blink at my son’s soccer match the kids were tapping shoes instead of the standard handshake at the end of the game, weddings were cancelled, flights were grounded and the toilet paper saga began.

When it all got a bit crazy in those first few days I rang a friend of mine and called an emergency coffee meeting at Trouble and Strife. I confided in her I was feeling something that most people weren’t – I was feeling optimistic.

Now, big disclaimer before I go on, I’m not an asshole. Of course I feel devastated for people losing their jobs and all of the small businesses closing down. I feel deep sadness for the lives lost and all of the sick people. But, for the planet I feel nothing but joy.

Planet earth is getting a break from us, fish are swimming in crystal clear water in Venice, the swans have returned to the canals and if this sounds too feel-good Disney Movie like, data from the European Space Agency’s satellite, which measures concentrations of greenhouse gases and pollutants in the atmosphere, shows that since the beginning of the outbreak, concentrations of nitrogen dioxide over Italy fell drastically.

So basically the Coronavirus seems to be working for Mother Nature, not so much for us – or is it? It’s hard to not get caught up in the hysteria of it all but I think we all need to make a choice about the lens we’ll view this situation with. The virus is here to stay for the foreseeable future, so perhaps we could use this time to reflect, learn, grow and reset. Did we take too much? Did we put up our fences too high? Did we put more importance on our phones, likes and influencers than the marginalised, vulnerable or even our family?

We can’t high five, but we can high vibe and these times call for an expansion of heart and mind. Choose to see the beauty amongst the chaos.

Love Taryn x

In this perceived moment of bleakness we want to be the beacon of love, light and hope. The Body Image Movement team in collaboration with leaders from around the world have created an online resource called, designed specifically to support you through the Coronavirus pandemic. We cover subjects including “The power of Optimism” , ‘Connecting in isolation’, ‘Mum life in lock down’ and we’ll teach you how to meditate and breathe (you’re going to need that over the coming months) how to declutter your home (there’s no excuse now!) and how to move your body, nourish your soul and RESET your life to so when this is all over, you’ll come out firing and READY!

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