Help Taryn Brumfitt Embrace Kid’s Body Movement

No child should hate their body.

Laying the foundations for body positivity in our kids is a marathon effort.

Taryn Brumfitt, Adelaide mother of three, Director of award-winning documentary Embrace and founder of The Body Image Movement, knows first hand what it’s like to have spent a lifetime being at war with her body. We are living in a landscape where body image has become a global problem of epidemic proportions, and sadly, at the frontline of this war against ourselves, there is a generation of children struggling to find the way towards body positivity or even acceptance.

Taryn wants to change this; to lay the foundations of body positivity before our children even consider that there is a one-way street of hating your own body.

“We weren’t born hating our bodies, this is a learned behaviour”, Taryn says. “When we’re young, we say yes, we do more, we’re free. We learn to not love our bodies, so we can unlearn it as well”.

But Taryn is leading the charge to shift thinking before our impressionable kids get to the point of hating their bodies in the first place. And that’s where Embrace Kids comes in; a documentary aimed at 8 to 12-year olds, to be given to schools across the globe as a free resource to educate and inspire the next generation to embrace their bodies.

“As a mother of 2 boys and a girl, I want them to grow up valuing their body not as an ornament but rather a vehicle in life. I’ve seen with my own eyes the devastation that poor body image can have on an individual and entire families; this is why Embrace Kids is so important”.

To bring this much needed documentary on body image to life, Taryn is hitting the ground running. Literally.

On May 26, Taryn and hundreds of people from the Embrace Team around the world will go for a run, with the aim to raise funds to make this documentary a reality. Some will run a marathon. For others it might be 5km. They might run alone, with a group, or with their kids. They might carry within them a child who learned to hate their body long ago. But they will all be running with one thing in common; love. And you can join them.

To contribute to this important project or join the Embrace Team, visit All funds raised will be used to make the documentary.

If you’ve seen Embrace the documentary, you will know how powerful Embrace Kids will be.

Keep your eye out in the next issue of KIDDO, where we will be chatting with Taryn about her journey towards body confidence and acceptance, and her hopes for the next generation.

Embrace is now available on DVD and Online in Australia and New Zealand at the following outlets:

JB Hi Fi
Google Play Store
Big W

You can also view the Embrace trailer


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