As we stand on the threshold of a new school year, there's a familiar sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. The start of the academic calendar brings with it a renewed energy. It's a time when everything seems fresh, and the spirit of "anything is possible" resonates through the school corridors. Welcome to the 2024 school year! 

In this issue, we take an in depth look at school sports, exploring how schools are reimagining their facilities to provide a dynamic and inclusive environment in physical education for students. From upgraded fields to state-of-the-art training spaces, we dive into the innovative approaches schools are taking to nurture athletic talent and instill a love for physical activity.

In this context, choosing the right junior coach is a crucial decision for parents invested in their child’s sporting journey. We are thrilled to feature insights from Jenny Williams, a seasoned expert in the field. Her expertise will guide you in navigating the coaching landscape, ensuring your child receives the support and mentorship needed to thrive in their chosen sport. Also this issue, Dr. Nathan James Crane, Chair of the SA/NT Branch of the Design Institute of Australia, offers an aspirational perspective on the evolution of school sports facilities and explores the possibilities of contemporary sports amenities.

We also take a look at NAPLAN. This is a tricky topic, with varied viewpoints; so we find out more about the test’s original purpose and get some guidance on discussing results with our kids. Additionally, we share some practical tips for fostering robust partnerships with educators in an article by Madhavi Nawana Parker, focusing on effective communication between parents and teachers. We also gain perspectives on mental health and bullying awareness in schools from a School Counsellor’s viewpoint and discover more about a developmental delay that is more commonly found in classrooms than autism. and explore effective strategies for establishing the groundwork for academic success by creating an organised home learning space.

As we take on this new chapter together, we hope EDUCATE will be your companion, offering valuable insights, and expert advice to make this school year a resounding success.

Wishing you and your children an enriching and fun-filled academic year!

Olivia Williams




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