Channel 44 Welcomes SeaStar Rock TV!

100% locally written, produced, and cast, SeaStar Rock is now a live show, a music CD, and a TV show on Adelaide’s own Channel 44!

If you’ve not yet experienced the toe-tapping, wing-flapping fun of SeaStar Rock, the 2019 Fringe Festival, Garden of Unearthly Delights, will be the best time to do it. Described by Teresa Palmer as an “Amazing kids show about marine sustainability. Super fun, energetic & vibrant! loved!”. They’ll help their newest friend Paddy Polar Bear beat the war on waste, while Pirate Wally Walrus and Snappy Starfish take on the plastic bag monsters.

SeaStar Rock’s early success was built on original catchy songs, dynamic dances and gripping games to address contemporary marine sustainability issues including themes such as the War on Waste and warming ocean temperatures.

The next phase for SeaStar Rock has commenced with the development of 26 x 11 minute episodes that will take viewers on an imaginative underwater narrative adventure with a cast of established colourful costume characters including Big Blue Bopping Whale, Cha Cha Crab Claw and Mr Fishy Whippy.

SeaStar Rock is the ultimate kids musical marine education experience for all the family and aimed at children from ages 0-7 years

SeaStar have shows coming up in Woodside, Adelaide Hills, Goodwood Markets and are headlining the Kidtober month at Port Pirie. They will also be back in the Garden with their new show on the 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th of February.

SeaStar Rock TV

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