A Glimpse into the Walford Reception Experience

Walford Reception
Step into the vibrant world of learning at Walford School, where every student's journey is carefully crafted with a blend of warmth, personalisation and academic excellence.

At Walford School, education isn’t just a curriculum; it’s an immersive experience where every detail is designed to nurture, inspire, and celebrate the unique journey of each student.

In our Reception Program, we place a deliberate emphasis on fostering a foundation that sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning. Our daily literacy sessions are not just lessons—they’re dynamic experiences that ignite a passion for phonological awareness, reading decoding, and the exciting emergence of writing skills.

Our dedicated numeracy lessons redefine math education, bringing age-appropriate concepts to life through hands-on investigations. We believe in learning by doing, and our students engage in activities that not only teach but also spark curiosity and understanding.

A Close-Knit Learning Community

At Walford, our Mid-Year Reception students work closely with their classroom and other specialist teachers who ensure that each individual student’s stage of emotional development and readiness for their next steps in learning is uniquely scaffolded and enriched amongst a nurturing and close-knit community. Our classrooms are more than spaces; they are environments where relationships take centre stage, and clear routines pave the way for seamless learning. We prioritise the holistic development of each student, and we make sure families are part of this incredible journey.

Each student’s growth and achievements are regularly communicated to families. Using Seesaw, our student’s digital portfolios go beyond traditional assessments. We bring learning to life through videos, captivating photographs and tangible work samples, and learning conversations serve as continuous assessments and feedback.

Inquiry and Curiosity

Mid-Year Reception learners at Walford are recognised as competent thinkers, who are encouraged to engage with big ideas, to be curious and to question the world around them. Their curiosity and inquiry drive opportunities for thinking and their questions and ideas promote conceptual learning.

Students who enrol as part of the Mid-Year Reception intake, engage with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) units of inquiry, as part of a six-term cycle.

These carefully planned units of learning, foster developing understandings that align with the transdisciplinary learning themes of who we are, where we are in place and time, how the world works and how we express ourselves.

Specialised Learning and Outdoor Exploration

Walford Mid-Year Reception students engage in weekly specialist learning sessions in Music, Performing Arts, Visual Art, Languages, Design and Technologies, Library and Physical Education. These specialised areas extend classroom learning, allowing our youngest learners to discover personal strengths and lay the foundation for their future paths.

Our indoor learning spaces are thoughtfully designed, providing opportunities for both playful and structured learning experiences. Mid-Year Reception students cultivate a connection with the outdoors, including the Junior School gym and library facilities, ‘secret garden’, play kitchens, cubby and sand pit. Students also take shared responsibility for the care of the Junior School family of chickens, ‘Swifty, Hei Hei, Nugget and Ginger’!

Learning beyond the classroom offers our Mid-Year Reception students to regularly explore Heywood Park, where they connect with nature and the local community and creating lasting memories with peers.

The Importance of the Whole Girl

Like all Walford Junior School students, our Mid-Year Reception girls are nurtured in our pastoral care system. Their wellbeing program is specifically tailored to each class, small groups and individual students. Led by their classroom teacher, it focuses on self-regulation and developing healthy relationships with others.

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