The passionate team from MumKIND have been working with womens charity Catherine House – on a life changing project that will provide a beautiful, safe home for women escaping homelessness.

The MumKIND team lent their time and support to renovate a newly acquired cottage which will provide a homely safe space for women to recover after experience homelessness.

“This project represents a new strategic focus for MumKIND providing a tangible long-term outcome to support for women experiencing homelessness in SA.

We will continue to deliver our shorter-term campaigns and projects throughout the year, but we recognise the powerful outcomes that this cottage will deliver to those who spend time here and it brings us much joy to have been part of this. It was a pleasure to manage this project and style this cottage” says Felicity Baj of MumKIND.


This cottage was allocated to Catherine House from the SA Housing Authority and now sees their Emergency Accommodation Program increases from 20 to 22 rooms. Overall, Catherine House provides a safe and secure environment for 54 women. The occupancy rate is constantly at 100% and the waiting list is approximately 25-30 women at any given time.

This cottage does not receive any government funding and the ongoing case-management support for the women who stay in this cottage will be funded through the fundraising and the generosity of the community.

Women are now 44% of all people experiencing homelessness and women 55 years and over are the fastest growing cohort of all people experiencing homelessness.


“At any given time we have women in their late teens right through to their late 60’s- early 70’s”. We know that homelessness can and does affect anyone, no matter your age, where you went to school or grew up, no one is immune to homelessness”, says Jaylee Cooper, Fundraising and Events Manager, Catherine House.

“Allowing women time to recover after experiencing homelessness is crucial in their recovery journey. There are so many reasons why women experience homelessness and every woman who comes to Catherine Hose presents a variety of complexities and challenges. It is our job to work with her one-on-one with care and support, to guide her step by step to end her homelessness – for good.

Importantly, we work with her to start building her confidence and to find her voice and strengths.  We provide every woman with  education and employment pathways to enable her to make a positive change in her life. Every opportunity Catherine House provides is a stepping stone to rebuilding her life”

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