Welcome Joybird!

Chicken and chip shops have been saving the sanity of families grappling with mid-week dinner dilemmas for generations… but the humble chook shop has changed. Welcome Joybird, Hyde Park.

When Adelaide caught wind of this new venture from Adam Liston, the chef behind Leigh Street’s popular restaurant, Shobosho, alongside restaurateur Simon Kardachi people were eggcited, to say the least. Since opening its doors earlier this month Joybird has exceeded Adelaide’s gleeful expectations, delivering the modern day chicken and chip shop that we’ve all been waiting for.

The food is what sets Joybird apart from a takeaway chicken shop, but the experience of full table service indoor and outdoor dinning, a carefully considered wine list, cocktails and Asahi on tap also takes things to the next level. The venue caters to those who want a quick solo bite to eat or others who want the full experience. Diners can opt for bar, kitchen dining or takeaway or even pop in for a coffee.

Like any of our other favourite Kardachi restaurants (Osteria Oggi, Proof, Melt & SeaSalt, just to name a few) Joybird has a delectable wine list full of local South Australian wine makers and producers. You’ll find many natural wines to whet your palette on date night.

After taste testing for ourselves we chatted with owner and mum of 2, and wife to Simon, Emma Kardachi about the secrets behind the success of Joybird and its next-level succulent chicken.

What sparked the idea of Joybird?

The idea has been inside Simon (Kardachi, my husband) and Adam’s (Liston, partner at Shobosho and long time friend of Simon’s) heads for a long time.

For so many people, everywhere around the world, chicken is a staple food and pretty much universally liked.

Simon’s philosophy is always to go after a niche in the market that isn’t being fulfilled, and the concept of a next-level chicken shop makes sense for the current market, in line with the trend we are seeing for more accessible, more affordable options that still deliver quality.

Joybird is a restaurant, with a great bar, that serves quality food, based around the concept of chicken cooked over fire (amongst lots of other options including hot gravy rolls, a modern take on the Chicko Roll, kimchi cauliflower cheese, and grilled veggies). And you can opt for takeaway too.

What kind of atmosphere did you hope to achieve? What makes it more than just your ‘average’ chicken shop?

We wanted to evoke memories of the 1970s/80’s chicken & chip takeaway shop – but diner-style! With an open kitchen, the kind of place you can sit at the bar solo for a drink (now wouldn’t that be nice!) or in a group for a family weekday dinner.

The venue has a lot of clean lines and open space. There is emphasis on yellow and gold (interior and brand / logo) because it’s joyous, and evokes the feeling of sunshine, health, corn, happy chickens and green grass.

Are you family friendly?

Yes, it was important for us to cater to the local market (lots of young families in our area) and the food style lends itself to appealing to families.

Are your chickens ethically sourced?

All of our produce are healthy happy chickens that are boned out, brined and cooked to order over redgum. We take that much care in sourcing ethical products that our drinking straws are wheat stems.

What culinary influences/fusions are there in the menu?

Following the strengths of Adam’s cooking background, there is a Japanese / Korean influence but it has a broader spectrum of other influences including the rest of Asia and the Middle East.

Does the menu cater to healthy and light options too?

The idea behind Joybird was about bucking the trend of Belle’s Hot Chicken and the huge popularity (and success) of American-style fried chicken shops. We wanted to offer something that aligned to this concept but was a healthier option, and still harking back to the old chicken shop days. It can be as healthy, or as naughty, as you want it to be. There are grilled veg and salad options, hummus and other lighter starters. There are also options for vegans and vegetarians.
(But, to be honest, I think it’s best to not go to Joybird on a fasting day!!)

Birthday Parties!

Joybird is available for birthday parties! Tailor the party to your needs! Hire a face painter or balloon artist for entertainment alongside the back room of the restaurant, which also doubles as a dance floor / party space. Joybird even has kids t-shirts, stickers, balloons and hot sauce for the ones that are naughty!

1/164 King William Rd, Hyde Park SA 5061



Images by Meaghan ColesPhotography 

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