The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Toddlers

At KIDDO we have a big crew of little people who love the great outdoors, so we know all about the importance of getting them out enjoying the wide world around them, and what incredible benefits come from this type of exploration.  

We know our little people need to run, jump, leap and learn on the regular. In fact, keeping our toddlers busy is more than just child’s play – it’s integral for their physical health, development and self confidence. And hey, it’s pretty fun too (and often leaves less post-play mess to clean up for the parentals – WINNING!)

Play has proven for generations to be the best way to enhance the development of young minds and their ability to execute the associated skills. For generations, outdoor playtime was an essential component of childhoods, enhancing development, independence and imagination.

With less than 10% of kids these days enjoying outdoor games, the shift back to outdoor play and all of the accompanying benefits is more than needed.

At KIDDO we have a big crew of little people who love the great outdoors, so we know all about the importance of getting them out enjoying the wide world around them, and what incredible benefits come from this type of exploration.

vuly balance bike

Benefits of outdoor play for toddlers

As naturally curious creatures, toddlers require space and toys to develop key pathways in the brain.

An outdoor play space makes for a big adventure for your toddler to explore, with room to imagine, run around, and play.

It provides the means for your toddler to absorb enough vitamin D, to develop spatial awareness, and to develop healthy eyesight!

The number of benefits of outdoor play is so wide for toddlers. When your child has space and freedom for all their wild jumps and crazy kicks, the benefits to their health, physical fitness and state of mind are just the tip of the iceberg.

benefits outdoor play toddleres

Introducing outdoor play equipment to toddlers

The introduction of outdoor play equipment may be a great next step to enhance outdoor playtime and its ability to develop cognitive, emotional and physical skills in your toddler.

A trampoline is a staple piece that all ages can benefit from, and can remain in the backyard as your toddler continues to grow.

Toddlers can benefit from trampoline use by strengthening their muscles, improving circulation, and boosting their balance and coordination.

A caution to note is that trampolines should not be used to its full capacity until the age of 6, and so short, supervised exercises and games are recommended to keep little, underdeveloped bodies safe in the meantime.

vuly balance bikes

Ride-on toys for toddlers

As your toddler naturally explores with their curiosity and moves on to other toys, it may be worth looking into investing in a balance bike or ride on kids car to keep them playing outside.

These toys allow the exploration of the backyard using fun and skill-building activities.

vuly ride on cars

Balance bikes and ride on kids cars are designed for toddler development, targeting areas of balance, spatial awareness and motor control.

They even allow the opportunity to explore beyond the fence and are a fun way to get toddlers involved in and loving a family day out!

By the release of those feel-good hormones during moments such as family days out, toddlers will be more inclined to, and will continue to enjoy, spending time with family and friends throughout their lifetime.

vuly balance bikes

Head outdoors with your toddler

Outdoor play has a large potential for fun and development for your toddler.

The benefits truly are wide and varied between activities, and there’s no greater gift you can give to your child than somewhere to run faster, climb higher, and jump further.

Engaging with your toddler outside may be a fantastic way to shift back childhood development away from the regression seen in the technology generation. So say sayonara to screens for a few hours and head outside with your toddler – they don’t call it the GREAT outdoors for nothing.

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