SA Museum: Dinosaur rEvolution

Nothing thrills the child within us more than setting off on an adventure to discover the wonders of the South Australian Museum. No matter what age there’s something about the eerie excitement of seeing the mummy in the Egyptian exhibit, which really never gets old. Or maybe the giant squid is the best thing? Nah it’s definitely the mineral crystal wall. Actually NO it’s a chance to try and mould our hand into the Antarctic ice wall, cough, NOPE to old for that, it’s 100% the taxidermy tiger, did you see it’s tail MOVE?!!

Okay, okay the real dino-mite question here is…

Dinosaurs reigned supreme in different environments all over the world for 169 million years and vanished 66 million years ago when the Earth was struck by an asteroid. Are they all really extinct? Surely the only place to discover the answer to this worldwide mystery would be the Museum.

This question will be answered when the SA Museum brings everyone’s favourite reptiles and dinosaurs to town in February 2018 as part of a new touring exhibition from Gondwana Studios. Dinosaur rEvolution is an exciting and interactive display which will challenge people’s perceptions of dinosaurs.

When the asteroid struck all those years ago, the global wildfires, ash clouds and fall in temperature made it unbearable for large animals, including most dinosaurs to survive. However research has shown that some small dinosaurs had already evolved to survive such a catastrophe – by taking to the air! Exceptionally well preserved fossils found in China have shown for the first time feathers and quills present in dinosaur skin. Birds are the last branch in the dinosaur family tree, to be living (and flying) with us today.

South Australian Museum and Flinders University researcher Professor Mike Lee has spent his career researching reptile evolution and will help to curate the scientific content in the exhibition.

“This exciting exhibition showcases the latest discoveries on how dinosaurs became birds,” Professor Lee said.
“Children are always fascinated with dinosaurs but many adults will be just as engrossed. The exhibition is not just about bones and fossils, it brings these incredible creatures to life through animatronics, 3D models, life-sized murals and fossil casts that visitors can actually touch,” said Dr. Lee.

Dinosaur rEvolution will be on at the South Australian Museum from 23 February – 06 May 2018.

To purchase tickets please phone 0466 464 112, email, visit the
Museum Shop or buy online here.

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