School holidays road trip survival guide

Road tripping these October school holidays? Here's your handbook to hitting the road with the family.

New research from Budget Australia, conducted by YouGov, has revealed that almost one third of road trippers this year are planning to travel with kids. For those with kids on board, key considerations for travelling with kids revealed include the ease of the journey (51%) and car quality (48%). 

From wrong turns to restless kids in the seat, there can be a lot to factor in when it comes to getting from A to B. The journey is often just as important as the destination and sometimes the most memorable, so it’s important to make sure your trip runs smoothly and goes down in the family history books for the right reasons.

To help Aussies these school holidays, here’s Budget Australia’s handbook to hitting the road with the family.  

  • Research your route: Map out a rough itinerary with potential pit stops, meal breaks, and attractions you’d like to see along the way. Planning your trip ahead of time will take off pressure so that you can enjoy the drive and get to the good stuff sooner. 
  • Comfort and choosing the right vehicle: Make sure the vehicle is comfortable to keep everyone content during the journey. If you’re hiring a car, keep in mind your family’s needs and consider factors like luggage space, fuel efficiency and comfort. Budget car rental has compact and full-size SUVs for those longer trips where spaciousness is ideal.  
  • Stock up on the essentials: When travelling with the family, stock up on essentials like snacks, water, and first aid supplies. It never hurts to also pack some entertainment for kids. 
  • Plan for peak travel seasons: As school holidays are the prime time for families hitting the road, you may need to factor this into your plans when it comes to booking accommodation, car rental, and visiting busy attractions. If you’re planning to hire a vehicle, try to reserve your car well in advance to make sure you get the appropriate ride.  
  • Safety first: Always do a final check and ensure the vehicle is in good condition before setting off. Check tire pressure, brakes, fluid levels, and any other important maintenance aspects. 
  • Take advantage of travel membership offerings: Do your research and look into what offers and discounts are available to get more value from your trip and make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. Budget Australia has Fastbreak, a free membership that streamlines your car rental experience with fast reservations and rentals. 


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