Yoli & Otis: Wearing is Caring

Wearing is Caring

Simplistic, earthy tones and natural fibres sum up this chic, charming Australian brand founded in Byron Bay.

Yoli & Otis began after Lena Catterick, gave birth to her first daughter and became passionate about babywearing. Lena began producing uber-comfortable, herbal dyed baby carriers and slings that don’t require any complex tying.

Everyone holds fond memories of falling (pretending or not) asleep in the car and being picked up and carried to bed by their parents. There’s something intimate and nurturing about the closeness of being held by your parents like that. This is the kind of magic that Lena wanted to channel into her own brand.

From these humble beginnings this warmth has since translated into a vast range of products! Yoli & Otis also produce incredibly adorable, childrenswear, womenswear and accessories. Take a peek at their website and hold on to your credit cards!



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