Whales & Wombats: Adventure Time!

When you’re a baby the world before you is a sensory wonderland to crawl, creep, slip, slide, climb and fall through. You want to discover every floor to shuffle your bum on; each bowl of mashed potato to flick across the walls; all the mud puddles to splash in and every colour of texta to draw over yourself.

All of these precarious activities require a wondersuit, because not all heroes wear capes, some wear onesies! Whales & Wombats is a baby clothing brand carrying rompers, t-shirts and jumpers for any occasion. Their vibrant, comical creations are the perfect match for any mischievous activity. Oh and don’t worry, their colourful patterns hide the sweet potato stains too.

These awesome prints consist of everything from toucans to tennis racquets and are made from 100% organic cotton, which is ethically sourced.


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