Easy EBM with a wearable breast pump

Welcare, a leading provider of health and wellness products, is thrilled to introduce its revolutionary Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump, designed to empower mums on the go!

Breastfeeding is a cherished bonding experience between a mother and her child, but for many mums, expressing milk while juggling a busy lifestyle, returning to work, or traveling can be daunting. Recognising this need, Welcare has developed a game-changing solution that combines convenience, efficiency, and comfort.

The Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump is ingeniously designed to discreetly fit within any well-fitting nursing bra, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for hands-free, wireless pumping. With this innovative pump, breastfeeding moms can express milk quietly and discreetly anywhere, anytime, without interrupting their daily routine. Its compact, portable, and lightweight design effortlessly fits into most handbags or baby bags, providing unparalleled convenience for the busy mum.

wearable breast pump

Safety and hygiene are paramount when it comes to breast milk expression. The Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump incorporates an advanced anti-backflow protection system that prevents milk from flowing back into the pump motor, ensuring the utmost hygiene and preserving the quality of breast milk. Moms can rest assured that their milk is expressed in a clean and sanitary manner, saving every last drop!

Fit and comfort are essential considerations for any breast pump. This Breast Pump includes three interchangeable funnel sizes in the box to ensure the perfect fit for every mom. With three modes (Massage, Suction & Expression) and nine adjustable suction levels, mums can customise the pumping intensity to mimic their baby’s natural feeding pattern, ensuring optimal milk expression and comfort.

wearable breast pump

The intuitive LED screen displays vital information such as mode, suction level, and battery life, ensuring effortless control and monitoring of the pumping session. A long-lasting rechargeable battery eliminates the need for constant battery replacements, providing extended usage and convenience through USB charging.

Operating with ultra-quiet technology of less than 55dB, equivalent to a refrigerator running or a quiet conversation, the Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump allows discreet pumping without disturbing those around you.

With a generous milk storage capacity of up to 150mL, the pump provides ample space for expressing and storing breast milk. Importantly, the pump’s detachable parts make cleaning quick and hassle-free, while its streamlined design ensures there are no hidden corners or hard-to-reach areas, ensuring optimal hygiene.

Welcare understands the needs and desires of breastfeeding mums who want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of an active lifestyle while ensuring the best care for their little ones. The Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump is a testament to this commitment to creating innovative solutions that empower mums to embrace their journey of motherhood with confidence.

The Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump is now available:


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