The new ADIDAS x LEGO® DOTS collection

Make the world of play more colourful and fun with the all-new adidas X LEGO® DOTS collection of kids apparel!

Get ready for a cool new apparel collection featuring a variety of sleek colours and designs inspired by LEGO® DOTS® and LEGO® NINJAGO.

The collaboration between the two brands is a multi-year partnership that aims to infuse more fun into the lives of kids and adults through playful products across apparel, hardware and bricks.

It kicked off with the AZX800 sneaker in September 2020, and since then, fans have been able to celebrate their creativity and passion for the two iconic brands in completely new ways. Most recently we saw an endearing line-up of children’s clothes and shoes all wrapped in the original four LEGO colours (red, yellow, blue and green), and now we can add to the assortment two new collections inspired by DOTS and NINJAGO!

lego dots adidas

Adidas x LEGO DOTS

The adidas x LEGO DOTS collection is all about the endless creative potential of children.

The collection enables them to express their personality, create their own style and show the world who they are, using colourful and fun patterns. The playful designs will spark imagination and convey a simple message to children that it’s their world, they make the rules and can make it as vivid as they like.

adidas lego dots

Adidas x Lego Ninjago

The adidas X LEGO NINJAGO collection includes pieces that celebrate the 10th anniversary of this LEGO play theme as well as the timeless world of classic NINJAGO.

lego ninjago x adidas

With this range, kids can leap into action and master their journey the ninja way. With vibrant designs that represent the elemental NINJAGO powers, the collection enables kids to express themselves and be ninja.

To ‘Be Ninja’ means: mastering ninja skills, being a good friend, confident, inclusive and true to oneself. The details in the collection represent the process of mastery, the process of becoming ninja, supporting kids in their own journey.

lego ninjago x adidas

All styles and colours available in the official adidas online store:

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