Tellkiddo: Maternity Modernity

Tellkiddo is proof that it is possible to survive maternity-leave and not just survive but thrive. During that time, you may even build a global business like Maria Sabbah, the Swedish company’s founder.

Beginning in 2014 Tellkiddo now has a cult following on Instagram. This playful, unisex brand is the perfect, modern day example of the power of the internet, when paired with innovation.

All products are designed by Maria whose initial intention was to create monochrome style objects, with black and white contrasts, so that her baby could develop his eyesight. Soon, her son wasn’t the only one that these beautiful, minimalist designs were popular with. Her pictures were re-blogged by influential interior-minded parents and spread like wildfire. Then, Tellkiddo was born.

On the website you will find environmentally-friendly and sustainable interior objects like storage bags, bedding and prints. Maria says ‘We are not following fast changes in trends, we want to support the slow interior industry with our conscious way of working’.


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