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Hot off the press NooK Oasis Play Mats are here! From the creators of the super popular NooK Play Couches, these foam-based play mats come in 8 super-cool, machine washable fabric options. Say hello to your kiddos' next best playroom accessory.

The wait is over! NooK’s game-changer new Oasis Play Mats are now available! The Play Mats have been incredibly popular on their socials with many of customers counting down the days till they officially launch.

Sure to become a playroom staple, these Australian Made Play Mats are impressive for many reasons including a world-first mixed foam combination, soundless water-resistant liner and removable, machine-washable covers!

What makes Oasis Play Mats so unique?

World-first Foam Combination – Oasis Play Mats are constructed using a world-first & truly unique foam structure. This includes 18mm of supportive base foam with a 12mm supersoft, slow rebound memory foam overlay. Comfort and support for the win!

Removable, Machine-washable Covers – Their unique foam structure is encased in a sturdy, soundless (goodbye crunchy play crackles!) & water-resistant, protective liner. Any accidental spills can be easily cleaned without affecting the internal foam. Outer covers are machine washable and quick and easy to remove and clean… a true world-first!

Change Up Your Decor! – They’re launching their Oasis Play Mats in 4 Gingham (Dune, Cave, Reef & River) & 4 Velvet (Bloom, Meadow, Pacific & Slate) fabric options with more new cover options to come! Cover sets are available to purchase separately too so pop a new cover on your Oasis and you’ve got a whole new playroom look!

Oasis Rounds – Being able to change the look of your NooK with a gorgeous range of coloured Rounds has always been an excellent feature of the modular range. They now have all Oasis fabric options available in matching Rounds too so you can style your new Play Mat just how you’d like to & tie it in perfectly with your existing NooK collection!

My nook play mat

Perfect for Play!

Just like the rest of the versatile range, the Oasis Play Mats are perfect for play! Use them as a comfy base for your favourite builds or add to imaginative scenarios with a stormy Pacific sea below your boat or a green grassy Meadow to roll around in!

Did you know?

Thanks to NooK’s partnership with Eat Up – every NooK purchase provides one week of school lunches for an Australian child in need.

Oasis Play Mats are 200cm x 140cm x 3cm.
$425 RRP

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