MY NOOK: The modular play sofa taking cubby forts to the next level

Parents, reclaim your couches, My NooK: the ultimate play sofa is here to take your kids' creative play to the next level!

my nook play sofa

The Original Australian Modular Play Sofa – with 10 individual pieces and unique Zip-Together Base Cushions – this is imagination unlimited!

my nook play sofa

Let’s build something!

If you’ve got kids, you’ve probably had your living room torn apart, ohhhh about 4 million times.

Couch cushions cast aside, pillows and sheets brought from bedrooms, sofas flipped over, cosy corners created. Kids just LOVE cubby fort building.

But parents rejoice, you can reclaim your couches… there’s now an actual cubby fort building set that is going to take the kids independent imaginative play to the next level!

my nook play sofa
my nook
my nook

Enter My NooK

My NooK launched its Ultimate Play Sofa, a unique piece of children’s furniture that is ultimately versatile, after coming up with the idea during COVID19 lockdown in September 2020.

“The first days of COVID 19 lockdown bought a certain chaos to our home – gone were the many activities, parties and sports – in their place was TIME and we didn’t know what to do with it!” says Olivia Rudomino, who cofounded My NooK with her husband Patrick and their three children

“Thankfully our children led the way in us all adapting. Their new play seemed to involve every piece of household furniture, cushion, every pillow and blanket. Our belongings were repurposed for forts, space stations, dark caves and quiet reading retreats. We loved the imagination, the collaboration and the freedom of it all. I just struggled with the mess!

This led to a revamp of our living and play area where we trawled the web for a proper solution – something that allowed our children creative freedom, encouraged independent play and was safe and cosy too. We wanted it to be more than simply a piece of furniture – that didn’t just take up space, but actually complimented it.

So we started some grown up imagination – could we create something that fulfilled so many different needs and looked appealing too? Something hard wearing, Australian Made and ecologically sound?”

This is where My NooK was born – somewhere to play, to ignite imagination, to relax, to connect and to sleep.

And we love it just as much as the Rudomino kids must have in those early days of design and testing.

my nook pieces

My NooK Ultimate Play Sofa

With 10 individual pieces, the My NooK play sofa creates a multipurpose building tool that allows children to create using their imagination, while still forming a comfortable sofa that looks beautiful in any home.

My NooK can be so many things, and fulfil a purpose for every kind of kid! It can be a cubby for quiet reading, a castle for imaginative play or a sleepover bed for the teenage years.

my nook play sofa
my nook play sofa

It’s supremely versatile, it doesn’t just take up space but actually complements it. My NooK is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be anything your children want it to be, but still looks beautiful too!

Having focused on quality as a key value, My NooK is made in Sydney, using only Australian foam which meets GECA standards for strict environmental standards. My NooK is proudly certified Australian Made and each My NooK colour is named after iconic Australian destinations.

my nook play sofa
my nook play sofa

A sell out success

Every run out of My NooK sells out faster than your kids can scatter cushions, and the next restock is due Friday 15 January so get in quickly!

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