Muluzu Pillowcase Pals: The calming sleep-support sidekick designed for kids by kids!

Tired parents, this one is for you! Imagine calm evenings, rosy-cheeked smiles, and peaceful bedtimes. A happy and relaxed kiddo and an entire household feeling calm and well-rested after a great nights’ sleep, night after night. One family has created the product that dreams are made of… literally! The Muluzu Pillowcase Pal… created for kids by kids. We’ve got the scoop on how these sleep supporting sidekicks can help your kiddo drift off to the land of nod.
muluzu pillowcase pals

Muluzu Pillowcase Pals: The calming sleep-support sidekick designed for kids by kids!

If there’s anything we can relate to as parents, it’s the sheer and utter torture of sleep deprivation.

We’ve all been there in one form or another over the years; probably multiple times, with multiple children, night after night… after long, arduous night, silent screaming into our pillow ‘GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!’ in the general vicinity of our children.

And while many of us use caffeine and comfort eating carbs as a remedy for the bone aching tiredness that is parenting children struggling with sleep, one (high achieving!) sleep-obsessed family were coming up with a solution instead.

Muluzu Pillowcase Pals

Enter the Muluzu crew. Four-child family and chief creators and imaginators of the Muluzu Pillowcase pal (we’ll get to that bit in a minute).

Inspired by the stress his own bedtime caused when he was younger, Kyle (13) and his older sister Samara (14), were talking about how some kids really struggle with going to bed. Kyle was a fidgeter and felt lonely at night, which made it hard for him to settle and fall asleep. Even when he managed to finally drift off, he’d sleep restlessly, often reawakening only to start the process all over again.

Like so many other kiddos who struggle with falling asleep, Kyle sought out sensory and tactile objects to help him self-soothe and relax.

Eventually, after much trial and error, Kyle and his fambam found a combination of items that helped him self-settle and transition to a peaceful, soothing, and well-rested sleep.

Wanting to help other sleep stressed sausages who just needed a little extra comfort to nod off, Kyle, Samara and their family set about creating for other kids a soothing pillowcase buddy that offers all the tactile and sensory features that helped Kyle drift off to the land of nod when he was a tired little tyke struggling to snooze.

A family affair

The creative genius behind the Muluzu Pillowcase Pal truly is a family affair, with each member of the fam taking on a different, perfectly assigned role within the Muluzu production line.

With Samara producing the initial genius prototype and product line expansion, Kyle product testing and head of market research (someone has to sus out the street cred of the product with the cool kids after all), and older sibs Jord and Cody handling shipping, social media and design respectively, the whole crew is involved. And let’s not leave out Mum, Lou, who -working around the shift work of her regular day to day- heads up the biz of managing the brand + all the other Mum related mayhem she has to sort out along the way. Phew. This is one impressive family. Probably because they get so much sleep these days!

And you can too!

The crew assures us that…

Muluzu Pillowcase Pals will: 

  • replace your evening battles with beautifully calm, dreamily stress-free bedtime routines
  • help your little ones learn to self-soothe and self-settle so they can fall asleep with ease and comfort
  • help your entire household get a great night’s sleep, night after night
  • share the bedtime love with a unique, ethically made sleep product, designed by kids, for kids

Pillowcase Pals

You can provide the ultimate Calming Sleep Experience for your kiddo with Muluzu Pillowcase Pals!

Familiar and comforting tactile fabrics create a sense of security for your child, allowing them to self-settle and self-soothe for optimum relaxation. This encourages a no-fuss transition to a peaceful sleep, leaving your kiddo well-rested to be their best self.

Ideal for all bedtime routines, holiday travel, sleepovers with friends, or lounging around watching TV. It really is a Pillowcase Pal!

Pillowcase Pals feature:

  • Warm and inviting faces set inside a heart shape to foster a sense of love and protection
  • 300TC cotton pillowcase
  • Big soft plush flippers to calm and promote relaxation
  • Shiny patterned satin under ears for that silky touch  to encourage self -soothing
  • A companion Snuggle Toy for little hands
  • A secret pocket for special treasures or to tuck Snuggle Toys into bed
  • Encouragement Cards to create and maintain positive sleep behaviours

Each Pillowcase Pals pack contains:

  • 1x Pillowcase Pal (52cm x 70cm / 20” x 28”)
  • 1x Snuggle Toy
  • 1x Set of Encouragement Cards
pillowcase pals

Meet the Pillowcase Pals

The practical and super cute sleep buddies will provide a sense of security and comfort for your kids.

The original Muluzu Pillowcase Pals are ideal for all kids, especially those aged between 2 – 10 years, and are most favourited by kids who:

  • Require extra comfort and protection at bedtime
  • Have trouble falling asleep independently
  • Are tactile and sensory seekers
  • Are mildly anxious sleepers
  • Are learning to self-settle and self-soothe
  • Are unwilling to go to bed
pillowcase pals
pillowcase pals
pillowcase pals

Tired parents can finally rejoice, this is the stuff dreams are made of… literally!

The original Muluzu Pillowcase Pals are not a purchase; they’re an investment for the entire household. Oh by the way, the unique Muluzu Pillowcase Pals are also a great gift idea for other parents facing bedtime battles; they’ll love you for helping them get a good night sleep too!

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