Mini Mad Things: This Online Children’s Costume Shop Might Save You Next Book Week

Lions and Witches For Their Wardrobe

Ever dreamed of being a pirate, armed with a mighty sword, ready to conquer the seven seas? Or maybe a robot all the way from outer space! All of this is possible with the imagination of a child.

‘Mini Mad Things’ is an SA business that makes ethical, fascinating costumes and enchanting accessories to aid kiddos in their imaginative play.

Eleanor, the brains behind Mini Mad Things, says that the story began with a dinosaur costume made for a playful two year old. The collection of crazy costumes then grew from there to join the whimsical realms of children all over the world (they ship internationally).

Importantly, young children learn by imagining and doing. The process of pretending helps to grow skills in many essential developmental areas. Healthy relationship building stems from social interaction at a young age. Cooperative play helps foster empathy and understanding of others feelings.

There are no gender rules when it comes to dress-ups. Dinosaurs and fairies are for everyone; giving children the opportunity to choose their own role-play is character building.

Not only does Mini Mad Things have a smorgasbord of options from superheroes, unicorns, hats, hair-clips, wands, jewellery and everything in-between, they also have a range of craft activities, which use ethical and recyclable ingredients. Make your own junk robot, bark painting, nature crown and more!

We love that Mini Mad Things gives children the opportunity to be creative and to see the magic in the world, the way young minds should.


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