Introducing Tiny Allies: An Adelaide based ethical kidswear brand

Jess and Talia, two long-time friends from Adelaide with a love for playful prints and well-made things, have launched Tiny Allies, a new kidswear brand focused on ethical and sustainable production.

After starting their families, Jess and Talia struggled to find children’s clothing that aligned with their values: eco-friendly, chemical-free, and durable enough for everyday adventures. In 2023, inspired by this gap in the market, they created Tiny Allies.

“We wanted fun pieces that were eco-friendly, nix of any chemicals and strong enough to survive crawling, digging, rolling, falling, dancing, crusty food spills… you get it,” Jess and Talia said.

Tiny Allies isn’t just about adorable clothes. Each collection addresses significant issues like climate change, inclusivity, recycling, disability, and healthy eating. The aim is to use fashion to spark conversations, normalise important topics, and empower children to find their voices on big issues.

“Making illustrations out of these big issues starts conversations, helps with normalisation and gives children voices on big topics,” they said.

We often try to ‘protect’ children from heavy topics but if we can normalise these conversations, then it helps them to grow their confidence in what they believe in.

Jess and Talia believe that discussing these topics with children helps build their confidence and understanding of the world. Tiny Allies is their way of making sure kids not only look good but feel good about the clothes they wear and the values they represent.

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