The Golden Month launches meal subscription service

Easy, nutritious, plant-based meals will now be available to Australian postpartum mums through the launch of The Golden Month’s new meal subscription service.

An Adelaide-born business that has boomed during the pandemic after its beginnings in 2018, The Golden Month focuses on providing a quick and easy solution to healthy eating for mums.

Co-founder, Nadia Parisi, says The Golden Month’s growth has simply exceeded all expectations for both her and fellow co-founder, Carla Brion.

“We are averaging 100 orders a week already,” says Nadia.

During COVID, we hit weeks of $40,000 in revenue compared to $20,000 weeks previously – we almost couldn’t keep up!

The service, starting at $98/fortnight, sits alongside the many products already available for purchase, ranging from soups to cookies.

The Golden Month started out with a simple idea posted on Facebook and within five hours, someone had placed an order.

Nadia says the rapid growth that followed would not be possible without all the help they received to make The Golden Month a success.

“Carla and I started cooking in our home kitchens, and within four weeks we were at capacity,” says Nadia. “Within 12 weeks we had a group of 10 mothers helping us at a hire kitchen. We now have a full-time chef and a qualified cook along with seven kitchen staff, and five staff members in our warehouse.”

Key markets were Byron Bay, then Queensland, Victoria, and the greater Sydney area. The Golden Month opened a café, The Golden Cup, in March 2022 as revenue hit $1 million for the business.


The Golden Month’s success comes from the belief of ‘once postpartum, always postpartum’ – the need to ensure a mother is nurtured and looked after in the most caring, loving way.

Co-founder, Carla Brion, says their meals benefit all mums, whether having just given birth or not, in creating an easy solution for healthy eating.

“Our mission has always been to change the way postpartum is thought about in our culture and pave the way for future generations so that new mums are thought about more and looked after more.

So much goes into preparing for birth but not enough in to planning for postpartum. It is all about giving new mothers more time to heal and bond with their baby, and this has a positive flow on effect on their families and community,” says Carla.

Wholesome, vegan home-cooked meals are delivered fresh to relieve the pressures of daily life. From mums who work, to those who are surviving just being a mum, The Golden Month brings joy through a healthy sense of taste.

Their one-week and one-month care bundle packs have already proven popular, and subscriptions are expected to further propel The Golden Month to loftier heights.

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