Fundsy: The Conscious Money Box Every Child Needs

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Joanna and Hayden are putting in their two cents when it comes to kiddos saving their pennies, because money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can in a Fundsy Conscious Money Box.

Fundsy is the ‘passion project’ of the pair who live on the Fleurieu Peninsula with their 3 children Harriet (Hattie), Edward (Ed) and Walter (Wally). Whilst watching their kiddos grow up in the outdoors Joanna and Hayden decided they were eager to build a community where kids could share their ideas, achievements, stories and conversations; especially through social media.

Fundsy Conscious Money Boxes divides savings into ‘spend, save, give and grow’ provoking thoughts beyond ‘right now’ and ‘instant gratification’.

We spoke to Joanna and Hayden about Fundsy:

Is Fundsy about simply teaching wealth to kids or is it deeper than that?

It’s so much deeper than financial wealth, it encourages kids to consciously make decisions about how they spend their money. We want it to empower young people to be creative, feel confident, generous and capable with their money so they have the power to make a positive impact in their own life, at home, in the community and beyond!

What was the inspiration behind Fundsy?

As our eldest child came to the age where she began to understand a little bit about money, we decided we wanted finance to be a positive experience where she could learn about giving, saving and growing money. We knew the school curriculum would be limited and decided to take things into our own hands. And now we want to spread the message!

Did your own upbringing have any effect on your effort to make conscious, positive financial decisions? 

Yes! We had little education around money and finances growing up so I guess we want our kids to think broader, be excited and think positively about money.

What was the best thing you ever saved up for as a kid?

Showbags from the Royal Adelaide Show!

What do you see in the future for Fundsy?

We see a huge community of people who have changed their thoughts around money, sharing stories and ideas and making a positive impact in their homes, communities and the world. 

Share your Fundsy journey on Instagram: @fundsy_conscious_money

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