Eat, Sleep, Consign, Repeat

One moment your little ones are in diapers and the next they’re stealing your clothes! If there’s one thing that rings true to all parents, it’s that goshhhhh they do just grow up so fast :’). This is not at all helpful when it comes to buying clothes…

Local Adelaide business, Little Roundabout is an online consignment store showcasing a beautiful collection of new and pre-owned women’s and children’s designer clothing, toys and accessories.

Owner, Jasmine Pedicini-Karnas says ‘What we hope to achieve at The Little Roundabout is to encourage shoppers and fashionistas alike to think second hand first.’

‘It’s good for our soul, our purses and most of all Mother Earth.’

Little Roundabout was created for the purposes of alleviating that heartbreak of your once loved clothing items going to waste. They are recycling, re-purposing and bringing new life to beautiful products. This is encouraging people to declutter and think about where our ‘stuff’ goes when we’re done with it. It’s easy, it’s affordable, it’s fun and it’s moving away from a culture of hoarding things we don’t need to encourage a simple and satisfying life.

Does it fit? Has it been worn in the last year? No? Consign it and buy something new ♻


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