Dreamy new Autumn/Winter collection from By Billie

Loco Feliz collection
By Billie, the coastal-based mother's and children's brand, is back with an exciting new Autumn Winter collection called Loco Feliz.

This collection is all about bringing back fun and creativity into the everyday wardrobe of both kids and adults.

Inspired by the vibrant colours and textures of Mexico, Loco Feliz is designed to be mixed and matched, played in, and lived in.

by billie los feliz collection

By Billie Los Feliz

Launching in May 2023, this collection marks a new direction for By Billie, which has been known for its minimalist style. “Over the last couple of years, we’ve had fun moving away from a neutral, minimalist brand and exploring pieces that allow kids and adults to express themselves more with colour, texture, and print,” says Charlotte Brodie, By Billie’s Creative Director and Founder.

The Loco Feliz collection focuses on sustainability, with a majority of the pieces made from organic cotton, canvas cotton, and cotton yarn. By prioritising natural fibres, By Billie aims to create pieces that are less harmful to the planet, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear. The collection features a mix of earthy tones and bright colours, staying true to the colours and textures that inspired the collection.

By Billie Los Feliz

By Billie Los Feliz

“We were so inspired by the abundant colourful and vibrant culture in Mexico and really wanted to create something that was very expressive and fun. We also had the absolute pleasure to shoot the campaign in Mexico, to really do the collection justice,” shares Brodie

“A personal favourite piece of mine would have to be the La Raya overalls in Verde. I love the hand-drawn look of the stripes plus you just can’t go wrong with an overall.”

By Billie Los Feliz

Since its inception in 2017, By Billie has gained a cult following thanks to its easy-to-style basics and standout pieces. With three major collections per year and smaller drops in between, their pieces tend to sell out quickly.

With the Loco Feliz collection, By Billie continues to bring joy and excitement to the wardrobes of mums and families.

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