The vegan, ethical, sustainable, biodegradable bamboo toothbrush!

We all know it in the back of our minds, but sometimes it takes a little reminder from our inner conscious greenie that it’s not just our diet that needs more environmentally sustainable practices, it’s the tangible products we use each day too!

BOOBRUSH was born when Founder Jennifer Lim wanted to offer a stylish yet sustainable option towards waste-free living. The brush is a bamboo toothbrush of superior quality with an ergonomically designed handle. Even the packaging is plastic-free.

So what is it about bamboo that everyone’s loving? MOSO bamboo is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It is a very sustainable plant which survives in all sorts of conditions. It can grow up to 1m a day in the correct conditions and Zhejiang Province houses one of the largest bamboo sources in the world. MOSO bamboo leaves a commendable, small carbon footprint. The cultivation of MOSO bamboo is ecologically friendly and is highly sustainable. It also has natural antibacterial properties and fascinatingly, Giant Pandas do not care for the taste of MOSO bamboo!

Jennifer says, ‘I personally sourced the bamboo from Zhejiang Province in China and visited the bamboo plantation. The toothbrushes are made from a FSC certified bamboo source and our bristles have been approved to be accepted by Terracyle(R) for recycling.’

Importantly, Jennifer noticed that currently many dental care products are focused mainly on adults. She wanted to create something special for the little ones – the BOOBRUSH Junior!’
With extra soft bristles BOOBRUSH caters to little teeth, keeping sensitive gums in mind.

Brush guilt-free:


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